Live with Dr. Shahid Masood | GNN | 26 April 2021

Live with Dr. Shahid Masood | GNN | 26 April 2021

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  1. Modi jesa leader aapko mil gaya tho aapki life hi badal jayegi kripa kar ke india leadership par? Mark na kare aap apni leadership par focus kare mene aapko pucha ki aap PhD khaha se ki hay?

  2. Dear dr. Shahid Masood, For last 4, 5 days your program has been on covid. Are you aware that 90% news about covid we have seen cnn, bbc, all Pakistani channels and news papers including new York times. What you tell us 8PM is old news. Please please have mercy on your audience and don't scare them. Talk about local and may be regional news. Anything happens in any corner of the world according to you Pakistan is affected in some way. Pay attention to what your audience are saying. Otherwise pretty soon you will have no audience. Cheers

  3. Bhai, appreciating,you have lots of knowledge but for your info.India gets only raw material from US,Azrateckh n prepare the vacssine indigiously,so,India don't require vacssine bfron US ,only require raw material to manufacture vaccine, please tell this to your big partener China……

  4. Dr Sb Have some fear of Allah.Why are you misguiding people.Why are you sending wrong messages to the Courts of Pakistan.They have legalised corruption,ill-gotten wealth and money laundering.Dont you know this.Qazi Faeez Couldn't answer or prove money trail.Just Rampant Corruption on every nook and corner and in every department of Pakistan.These laws are helping only criminals.

  5. No it's not it. What right has any court to ask about the money trail, why don't you ask yourself isn't it clear that now anyone can get away with murder and one is answerable to the judiciary.

  6. judicjudiciary mazboot nhi hoe (kutty chorah nal mill gae)matlab sary harami judges jeet gae.islami nizam main kbi bhi qazi qanoon sy or har chez sy oper nhi hota

  7. لندن کی تین جائیدادیں کتنی آسانی سے ہضم ہو گئیں۔
    واہ رے نظام_عدل!
    تیرے کیا کہنے
    لکڑ ہضم پتھر ہضم مع ریاستی اداروں کی زباں بندی

  8. Tooti phooti na samaj main aany wali apnay hisab say baat krnay ka andaz moon main barbraany ka andaz bari haas baat ko b barbraany ka andaz offend krta hay DOCTOR SAAAAAB. CHANGE IT OTHERWISE I 'LL CHANGE CHANNEL.

  9. افسوس ڈاکٹر صاحب آپ اس فیصلے کو عدلیہ کی آزادی سے تعبیر کر رہےہیں ۔۔۔۔اس کا مطلب ہے کہ آپ کو دیکھنا بھی اب وقت کا ضیاع ھے

  10. بڑی افسوس کی بات ہے کہ ججز کا احتساب نہی ہوسکتا۔اگر اس نے سارا پاکستان لوٹا کیوں نہ ہو۔ حضرت عمراللہ عنہا سے چادر کا سوال ایک اصحابی پوچھ سکتا ہے مگر پاکستانی جج سے نہی

  11. Ab hum nay khanzeer say ye puchay gay k khanzeer sahi hay ya ghalat. Dr Shahid masud sahab judge dusray judges k haq may baat kerayga. Haqeeqat awam k samnay hay. Ab ye khanzeer bonkay ya kaatay awam ab judges per yaqeen nahi kerayangay

  12. For last five days he is showing same photos and all lies he should be slapped always quating Indian express and cnn and New York times look what is going in your filthy pakistan

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