Roads blocked in Yangon as thousands protest Myanmar coup – BBC News

Roads blocked in Yangon as thousands protest Myanmar coup - BBC News

Dozens of vehicles are blocking key roads across Myanmar’s main city Yangon, in what appears to be a new tactic employed by protesters.

It comes as tens of thousands of people gather downtown, in what organisers hope will be the biggest protest yet.

The UN special rapporteur for Myanmar, also known as Burma, has warned of potential violence.

Demonstrators are demanding the release of their elected leaders following a 1 Feb military coup – Aung San Suu Kyi and other leaders have been detained by the military.

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BBC News


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  1. Myanmar polices and soliders are kidnapping , arresting and killing myanmar innocent people. now ; myanmar people get terrible trouble because of myanmar Military coup.
    # We reject Myanmar Military coup from the bottom of our hearts.

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    God Bless You Donald Trump and give you the courage, strength and wisdom, to be on the right side of destiny, to be the greatest president the USA has ever had!!
    Sir you have achieved more in your 1st term in office than all the previous presidents combined.
    Once people realise and really wake up, and see your hand in the down fall of the cabal, the global elites, the corrupt bankers, mainstream media,politicians, the various royal families in the world and their insatiable thirst for adrenochrome and other nefarious activities.
    To gain the fountain of youth they have needlessly enslaved young children and trafficked them like disposable goods. All In the pursuit of their own insatiable greed & vanity, they have sacrificed their humanity and are pure evil and satanic to the core.
    Once people realise your great military war against the deep state, and all the 5 million children that you have rescued from dumbs (deep underground military bases). You will become a national & international hero.
    Posterity will confirm and history will record. That You Sir, will be remembered as the Greatest President of The USA. Who has actually given the power back to the people, aswell as their liberty & freedoms. May the sun always shine, on the glorious New Republic, that you have newly created, once the US goes back to constitutional law and away from corrupt marine law.
    Most importantly though Sir you will be remembered as the greatest peace maker and humanitarian.
    I can only reiterate that Donald you are an amazing man and inspirational in your vision. I can only wish you a very long live, aswell as your incredible family.
    God bless the USA and the rest of the world.

  3. Aung Sun Su Kyi blew her chance to gain global support for Burmese Democracy-movement, had she joined international-condemnation of the Rohingya-genocide, but she didn't.

    Instead, she capitulated to the junta's persecution of the Muslim-minority, thereby giving legitimacy to their "nationalist" chauvinist appeal, based on cultural and religious separatism. Look where that got her.

    Perhaps Burma's new generation will see her failures, and realize the wisdom of fighting for democracy based on a multi-ethnic multi-cultural society of federalism based on universal-suffrage–

    and not exlusivism or cult-of-personality.

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  5. Hello.
    I’m a Japanese YouTuber who make video while travelling around the world.  

    About a year and half ago i’ve been to Myanmar as well, and made so many friends as well. And the military coup and all the news around it have been hurting my feeling so much. 

    I wanted to contribute in some way too, so I could reach a Burmese guy and made an interview to him. He answered about what’s happening in Myanmar, what they feel about it, what we as foreigners can do to help, etc. He showed his face, real voice and real name despite all the risks. 

    I hope this message is going to be shared world wide.  
    The video is not monetised at all.

  6. USA president should help these countries like Myanmar / Vietnam / Taiwan and many more small countries from the hand of pig face xi jiping . If joe biden not doing anything that would let the world know he and his son hunter been received dirty money from xi jiping that why joe too scare to open his mouth because xi jiping will let the world know he paid biden 's money

  7. The military declared recent election is fraud but the Union election commeette and many other election seer communities replied to military the result of election might be mistake in some places but this small mistake totally impossible to be the result of election fraud. Actually the military leaders really afraid of being totally under the civilian government. Now myanmar people show that their votes are to NLD party on the street in order to make a delectation of military is meanness accusation. We myanmar people will fight for democracy until the military relinquish the power.

  8. Just go home. Protest will get you nothing and no where. What happened to the treatment of the Rohingya people? YOU people turned a blind side on them and deserves what to come. Stop expecting help from rich nations. NOT our issue.

  9. The international community by discrediting Suu Kyi has allowed the Junta to fill the void. They saw it as an opportunity to wrest back power and return to the repressive ways of ten years ago and before. A lack of solidarity – a vulgar hubris by the powers that be… Oxford Uni.. Canada.. South Korea and certain groups in the US… have seen the fall from grace of Suu kyi – but more importantly undermined the transition to democracy. This reckless abandonment of solidarity and recognition of decades of effort and sacrifice – just beggar belief.. Shame on "London school of Economics" – "Oxford St Hughes College – Bob Geldoff – Amnesty international – Gwyey you human rights South korea – "Elie Wiesal awards" – US – Freedom of city award from Oxford – and those who bestowed then reneged on the Honorary Canadian Citizenship. You all have blood on your hands. You carped from the sidelines for six decades – did nothing – then jumped on the bandwagon when Suu Kyi put Burma on the international map… then abandoned her whilst she was trying to work from within and transition Burma to democracy.

  10. Stupid Mayanmar Police and army forces kill their own people. Min Aung Hlaing has to responsible for all killings in Myanmar, he and his military partners are war criminals!

  11. S. Natarajan b. A. Alias ram 61.mettu st Woriur.trichy dt Tami Nadu India pin code 620003.cell no. 9677537065. E. Mail. Nataraj kalki "God is with the people of Myanmar. All Indians are supporting democracy. China will realize that it is in the wrong way. Nearly twenty five countries land and sea borders, have been intruded by Chinese troops, on daily basis..according to vedio principles, if a person or a country do anything good to others he will get good things, in course of time. If a country or person do wrong things, he will get the same. China will reap, what it sow. World countries will jointly attack China, and divide and share among themselves. It is a God " judgement..Siva. Ram.


  12. I am Juliet Tun. I think General Min Aung Hlaing should govern Myanmar with Henry Van Thio. Vice President Henry Van Thio should be President. People should stop protest.


    The Tatmadaw (Myanmar's military) has ruled since the 1960s when Gen. U Ne Win took power by coup. Its junta was dissolved in 2011 but the Tatmadaw secured for themselves1/4 of the seats in parliament and by owning multibillion worth businesses, corporations and holdings for international trade. They range from cigarettes, beers, tourism, telecoms, real estate, banking. They receive at least $450M/yr from foreign oil companies operating in the country. The coup leader Min Aung Hlaing's 2 adult children own 6 companies – (1) A&M Mahar Co. Ltd (2) Sky One Construction Co. (3) The Yangon Restaurant (4) The Yangon Gallery (5) Everlift Co. Ltd and (6) 7th Sense Co. Ltd. The US sanctioned these and "froze" the Tatmadaw account of $1B (which earns $4M a year from interest) that they attempted to move days after launching the coup due to the uprising.

    Hlaing was supposed to retire in 2016 but he extended his term for 5 more years. Because he knows the ruling pro-democracy party, NLD, has very strong support from the people, it is impossible for him to win the election. The NLD consistenly won by massive landslide of 82-86% .

    Hlaing needed to launch a coup to stay in power. Reviving the old authoritarian system will guarantee him power for as long as he wishes. And to keep power, he is now on a full campaign to destroy the NLD to eliminate opposition by charging Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint with election fraud and other unfounded and absurd charges. He timed the coup just days before the newly elected leaders were to be sworn in. Hlaing's junta unlawfully nullified the election results and appointed Myint Swe as his puppet acting president. The trials of the said duly elected leaders are done behind closed doors, hidden and kept from the public. Aung San Suu Kyi's lawyer is not allowed to see her in person.   

    Myanmar only enjoyed their semi-democracy for only 10 years from 2011, a nascent one but it allowed the impoverished country to enjoy some freedom,  improvement in standard of living, and a more liberal economy, though development is yet to reach the rural parts of the country.

    The Tatmadaw, who violently expelled the Rohingya also committed atrocities against the different Burmese ethnic groups for decades. Aung San Suu Kyi was placed in a very difficult situation of protecting their fragile democracy which they worked very hard to achieve at great risk since the 1980s. Because of what is going on now and why, it shows Hlaing has been on a gradual campaign to destroy the democratic government. He led the expulsion of the Rohingya, committing brutal and grave atrocities against them knowing it will be Aung San Suu Kyi who will take the fall for it and not him. Now, Hlaing and his henchmen (combined Tatmadaw and police force) are after other pro-democracy figures and supporters to eliminate resistance and any pursuit for democracy. One of Aung San Suu Kyi's advisor, Ko Ni, who was a brilliant lawyer, writer and constitution expert, was assassinated in 2017 for working on constitutional change. Last week, an NLD party official, was taken from his home in the wee hours, was beaten and laid dead at a military hospital by morning. Recently, duly elected officials and designated envoys that support the 22222 Spring Revolution of 2021 were slapped with high treason, which has a penalty of death. Other key pro-democracy and NLD figures are being targeted and hunted as well. The 2008 Constitution was formulated by the Tatmadaw.

    This is not the first uprising in Myanmar against the Tatmadaw. At least 10,000 were killed in the 8888 Revolution of 1988, Saffron Revolution of 2007 led by the Buddhist monks, and the current 22222 Spring Revolution. Many of their earlier freedom fighters were killed, tortured, jailed for years as political prisoners. Hlaing has ordered his henchmen to carry out crackdowns on peaceful protests with increasing violence, including the deployment of snipers, burning, looting, violent night raids and arrests. They are now undertaking community to community operations to quash dissent. As of March 18, at least 220 have been killed and more than 2,800 arrested and detained. To suppress news reporting, Hlaing ordered the cancellation of the licenses of private media outlets, arrest of journalists, and internet blackouts. In February, Hlaing ordered the release of 23,000 convicts to free up spaces for detaining those who will be arrested. As Myanmar has a young population, many of the protesters who were killed were young adults and teenagers. Aung San Suu Kyi and Win Myint remain under house arrest. It can be remembered that she was first placed under a long house arrest from 1989 to 2010.  Aung San Suu Kyi already had a family and a life in London but returned to Burma to take care of her ailing mother. She witnessed the 8888 Revolution violence against the protesters where thousands died. Her pro-democracy activism and political life began since.

    A parallel government has been set up by CRPH working together with colleagues, duly elected leaders and envoys to counter the Tatmadaw junta of Hlaing which has no legitimacy to power. The CRPH designated an Acting President to lead the country back to democracy and stability. The country saw for the first time tremendous courage,  unity and resolve of the people to restore democracy and bring down the illegitimate, repressive, authoritarian rule of Hlaing and his henchmen.

    Stand with us for justice and freedom for Myanmar!

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