Sri Lanka continues forced cremations of Muslim Covid-19 victims

Sri Lanka continues forced cremations of Muslim Covid-19 victims

Anger is growing among Sri Lanka’s Muslims as the government forcibly cremates the bodies of their family members and considers sending others to the Maldives.

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum
    I'm a Sri Lankan.
    More than 160 Muslims including 3 babies below 60 days of birth have been cremated forcibly till present in Sri Lanka. This is very horrible but the absolute truth. Please make dua for us and our beloved ones.

  2. The janazas of Muslims in Sri Lanka are being forcibly burnt. It is a conspiracy of the present civilized government to seek political revenge on Muslims and Christians. Deliberate Muslims are being retaliated against by the current government. The freedoms of Muslims are being plundered. srilanka president Gothapaya rajapaksha his brother Mahinda rajapaksha revenge for muslims and christians .
    Human rights are being violated. Good hearted people who read this comment. Share this with everyone.

  3. I'm working as a frontline doctor in Sri Lanka together with an international medical charity. Most of the views expressed in this interview are baseless, incorrect and appears to be doctored to spread hatred and create another generation of misguided youth in the country. Sri Lanka is a tropical Island with very high ground water levels and 68% of the population use this ground water for drinking. WHO and medical experts have given guidelines not to bury dead bodies in this temperate country with high water levels as this can spread the corona virus easily among communities. I personally know many Muslim families in Sri Lanka who believe that cremation of bodies should be done until the pandemic is over. Majority of Christian and catholic communities in Sri Lanka agree with this decision by country's medical experts. So Please do not spread hatred in this already troubled country! In a way, I praise the Sri Lankan government as they have managed to keep the death rate very low by managing the spread rate of the pandemic. Thank you

  4. Don't put racist news like this. Sri Lankan law is the same for everyone regardless the ethnicity. So everyone has to respect the law.Public health is more important than any other religious beliefs. Sri Lanka does not want to take risk of groundwater pollution, coz they cannot afford it. SL is not the only country with groundwater. But it's groundwater level is very shallow, and SL has no suitable sites with deep enough water table

  5. Woman, if you were born to an Arabian country, you would not even be able to speak this loud!! So respect to the common laws of the country that gives you free education, free health care ,freedom of speech and everything. Be grateful

  6. Burial of dead bodies causes dacay by termites n worms , in next birth people will be born handicapped , best is to burn , body and soul is back in entirety to universe no attachment left.

  7. It seems they have lifted the ban on burials recently. If that is true, those people who spoke out against this were so brave and have made a tremendous difference

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