Brazil govt's negligence of COVID-19 causing humanitarian catastrophe | Coronavirus Pandemic | World

Brazil govt's negligence of COVID-19 causing humanitarian catastrophe | Coronavirus Pandemic | World

An international medical humanitarian organisation Doctor without Borders has slammed Brazil government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The aid …


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  1. Haha.. first of all we should point fingers at us.. and then show it on others…
    India.. has handled it very worst. We're is the vaccine.. out of stocks.. injections for treatment are sold at 4x prices in black market..

  2. Did wion want to indirectly want to also hint that India is on the same page!

    All the things we did right in the beginning has been wronged this year.
    God save us. Thanks to our politician elections and a bunch of stupid religious fanatics in our country.

  3. Locupletissimi familias et regionibus in mundo sint modo res ad Virus et partum de vaccina. Sacra sunt admissi vaccini ripam TRANSERO creare mundum. Qui negotiantur in terra vaccina naturae. Orationis mihi ad te, o caelum, mater hunc mundum uno omne genus castrationum est quod unus ex eis. Exsculpere oculos suos pernumerare exsculpere, aures et manus amputauit exsculpere. Constitues eos occidunt. Ut per exemplum eorum et Dominum pro toto mundo videre. Quod semper placere ipsi sunt domini planning disperde eam disperde eam disperde eam conterere conterere conterere Sic fiat.

  4. The difference between Brazilian and Indian catastrophe :
    In Brazil people were negligent, government was powerless.
    In India people were negligent, and the government didn't care until their vote bank was running low.

  5. Sounds a lot like the India virus is the racist name WION will give its indian, irresponsibly spread virus as it does the WUHAN VIRUS RACIST NAME. Sadly the India Virus is going to kill more than all the others combined. Have ten million more people, without masks or distancing go swimming together.

  6. And do not lie about the us vaccinations. WION said 10lak in 89 days. A FLAT OUT LIE. THE US GAVE OVER 200 million vaccinations in < 100 days. An August 1st Indian target of 300 million is not sufficient. Assuming these are two shots, you are still short vaccines for one billion people whose lives, including babies & young adults are tragically at risk. RECALL MODI AND FIRE MOST WION LIARS & EXCUSE MAKERS. You sound like US TRUMPERS. India is the number one vaccine producer on earth. Shame on people not wearing masks or leaving their noses stick out. Uninfected family members must not enter Covid ICUs. Get your act togethet. And india has the India virus, not the Wuhan Virus. Pethaps it should be called the Ghangis virus.

  7. Ya en la agenda 2030 dicen de erradicar la pobreza…claro acabando con los pobres…vergüenza de mandatarios mundiales tenían que ser acusados todos de genocidio ,un año después y muere más gente en Brasil e India… Sinvergüenzas!!!!!!!

  8. If a country like the USA in late April 2021 has not managed to get 50% of the population fully vaccinated, one cannot judge countries like Brazil, Argentina and others that have been under socialist crooks for ever. Bolsonaro is new and he is hated by leftists because he has conservative ideas.

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