CDC Relaxes Mask Guidelines, Apple Debuts New Emojis | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

CDC Relaxes Mask Guidelines, Apple Debuts New Emojis | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy addresses the newest CDC mask-usage guidelines for fully vaccinated people. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Stream now on Peacock: …


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  1. A big LA lawyer slept in the best most expensive room in Yellowstone at Old Faithful and asked me when the deer turn into elk. He had just been told by the front desk we can’t turn the guiser off because it is natural and has no switch. Nothing we said pleased him. I’ve laughed for years now.

  2. Why get vaccinated for something that for healthy people, has upwards of a 90% recovery rate!? Not to mention, wearing a mask outside (or alone in your car) is RIDICULOUS!

  3. Vaccine dangers. UK.
    Updated report published 29th April 2021
    MHRA Yellow Card Reporting up to 21st April 2021
    Cumulatively 19 weeks for Pfizer (approx 18 million doses) and 15 weeks for Astrazeneca (approx 26.4 million doses) and 2 weeks for Moderna (approx 0.1 million doses)

    Reactions – 149,082 (Pfizer) + 573,650 (AZ) + 660 (Moderna) + 1687 (Unknown) = 725,079

    Reports – 52,130 (Pfizer) + 153,098 (AZ) + 228 (Moderna) + 541 (Unknown) = 205,997

    Fatal – 347 (Pfizer) + 685 (AZ) + 2 (Moderna) + 13 (Unknown) = 1047

    Acute Cardiac – 1901 (Pfizer) + 5798 (AZ) + 7 (Moderna) + 15 (Unknown) = 7721

    Chest Pain – 871 (Pfizer) + 3182 (AZ) + 3 (Moderna) + 9 (Unknown) = 4065

    Anaphylaxis – 275 (Pfizer) + 562 (AZ) + 1 (Moderna) = 838

    Blood Disorders – 5071 (Pfizer) + 4652 (AZ) + 9 (Moderna) + 19 (Unknown) = 9751

    Infections – 3545 (Pfizer) + 11,621 (AZ) + 12 (Moderna) + 37 (Unknown) = 15,215

    Herpes – 689 (Pfizer) + 1175 (AZ) + 2 (Moderna) + 7 (Unknown) = 1873

    Headaches – 13,107 (Pfizer) + 63,589 (AZ) + 45 (Moderna) + 155 (Unknown) = 76,896

    Migraine – 1181 (Pfizer) + 5474 (AZ) + 1 (Moderna) + 13 (Unknown) = 6669

    Amnesia + Memory Loss – 102 (Pfizer) + 330 (AZ) + 2 (Unknown) = 434

    Eye Disorders – 2322 (Pfizer) + 8311 (AZ) + 8 (Moderna) + 26 (Unknown) = 10,667

    Eye Pain – 406 (Pfizer) + 2455 (AZ) + 2 (Unknown) = 2863

    Blindness – 31 (Pfizer) + 134 (AZ) + 1 (Unknown) = 166

    Hearing Loss – 156 (Pfizer) + 333 (AZ) + 3 (Moderna) + 1 (Unknown) = 193

    Psychiatric Disorders – 2417 (Pfizer) + 10,792 (AZ) + 13 (Moderna) + 37 (Unknown) = 13,259

    Skin Disorders – 10,937 (Pfizer) + 34,074 (AZ) + 68 (Moderna) + 103 (Unknown) = 45,182

    Spontaneous Abortions – 57 + 4 stillbirth/foetal death (Pfizer) + 30 + 3 stillbirth (AZ) = 94 + 7

    Vomiting – 1831 (Pfizer) + 8897 (AZ) + 4 (Moderna) + 30 (Unknown) = 10,762

    Abdominal Pain – 1337 (Pfizer) + 7238 (AZ) + 4 (Moderna) + 11 (Unknown) = 8590

    Facial Paralysis – 341 (Pfizer) + 376 (AZ) + 1 (Moderna) + 2 (Unknown) = 720

    Nervous System Disorders – 27,949 (Pfizer) + 124,324 (AZ) + 128 (Moderna) + 346 (Unknown) = 152,747

    Disturbances in Consciousness – 2161 (Pfizer) + 7327 (AZ) + 9 (Moderna) + 29 (Unknown) = 9526

    Dizziness – 4159 (Pfizer) + 17,444 (AZ) + 28 (Moderna) + 48 (Unknown) = 21,679

    Fatigue & Malaise – 11,951 (Pfizer) + 45,942 (AZ) + 42 (Moderna) + 134 (Unknown) = 58,069

    Crying, Moaning & Screaming – 43 (Pfizer) + 205 (AZ) + 1 (Moderna) + 1 (Unknown) = 250

    Strokes and CNS haemorrhages – 271 (Pfizer) + 964 (AZ) + 1 (Moderna) + 4 (Unknown) = 1240

    Thrombosis & Embolism (All types) – 419 (Pfizer) + 2638 (AZ) + 16 (Unknown) = 3073

    Respiratory Disorders – 6271 (Pfizer) + 17,755 (AZ) + 22 (Moderna) + 48 (Unknown) = 24,096

    Seizures – 315 (Pfizer) + 1155 (AZ) + 3 (Moderna) + 5 (Unknown) = 1478

    Paralysis – 128 (Pfizer) + 432 (AZ) + 1 (Moderna) + 3 (Unknown) = 564

    Haemorrhage (All types) – 440 (Pfizer) + 1480 (AZ) + 4 (Moderna) + 4 (Unknown) = 1928

    Nosebleeds – 352 (Pfizer) + 1197 (AZ) + 4 (Moderna) + 2 (Unknown) = 1555

    Inner Ear incl Vertigo/Tinnitis – 1108 (Pfizer) + 2993 (AZ) + 7 (Moderna) + 11 (Unknown) = 4119

    Reproductive/Breast – 1012 (Pfizer) + 2401 (AZ) + 7 (Moderna) + 6 (Unknown) = 3426

    * 33.3 million unique people received one or two doses

    * 205,997 unique reports filed with Yellow Card

    If MHRA reporting rate is 10% for serious AE and less for non-serious then this approximates 2 million people who should be filing a Yellow Card. This equates to one AE Yellow Card worthy injury or death for every 16 people injected….

    So trading the slight risk of having a virus that has a 99.9% population survival rate with taking a 1-in-16 chance of a life impacting/limiting or worse risk with unknown long term implications.

  4. In 2020 the big five Big Tech companies Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, and Microsoft spent $61.09 million dollars so they can control what we the people will be subjected to. The top five major players spent millions of dollars lobbying Congress on issues ranging from racism, election integrity, to immigration.

    People need to learn a term called “Presentism”. When these children are being told what to think, instead of how to think, they are now interpreting these past events and apply them with the modern values and concepts we have today. They have penetrated our school’s people. Confuse generations upon generations, to believe what is right is wrong. What is girl is boy, etc. Think about what they are doing to our whole society mentally.

    We must understand our enemies to fight them and win. Ask yourselves how you want your future to be. What about your child’s future? They have figured out ways to keep you complacent. I know you just want to be left alone, in your house with your stuff but here is the thing. We are all that is left. Their technologies are only going to get more addictive, there foods more poisoning, and things to keep the people sedated is only going to get worse. We are all America has left for hope. They are taking peoples land, waterways, rights, etc. You do nothing because you do not want to be publicly ostracize, however, you should know bad things are coming one way or the other. Why die on your knees? TODAY IN AMERICA people are afraid to even speak without being name-called, labeled, fired, publicly shamed, humiliated, beaten, or killed. And somehow, we the people aren’t doing anything to stop this?

    Look into China. They claim it has become one of the safest places in the world. The data for crime statistics in China is sheer propaganda and the falsification of data that goes from each police station to the top level. 20 people are reported missing in China every single day. The government is known to hide the murder rates by report the people as missing, and they are never to be seen again. Many live where they work on little bunks earning about $1.52 an hour. Americans wonder why all our goods, from clothes we wear, to the technology we use, all comes from China. Would you work about 18-hours a day getting paid less than $2 and hour? It is time for Americans to open their eyes. The estimated 2.9 million people in modern slavery in China alone "includes the forced labor of men, women, and children in many parts of the economy, including domestic servitude and forced begging, the sexual exploitation of women and children, and forced marriage.
    The country that holds the most slaves today is Africa, it was estimated in 2020 that 9.2 million live in slavery in Africa. The fact that we never hear about these things is evidence enough, that the things we continue to hear, the history that they continue to teach is to lead all the sheep we see being lead today. It is time to awaken the lions.
    In January 2021, Japan owned $1.28 trillion in U.S. Treasuries, making it the largest foreign holder. The second-largest holder is China, which owns $1.10 trillion of U.S. debt. You wonder why all the social engineering is taking place in America now. Why are these things also happening in other parts around the globe that also once had the most freedoms? In total, the Chinese state and its subsidiaries have lent about $1.5 trillion in direct loans and trade credits to more than 150 countries around the globe. This has turned China into the world’s largest official creditor — surpassing traditional, official lenders such as the World Bank, the IMF, or all OECD creditor governments combined.

    I have been saying this for a long time in hopes that people start to see the truth. They want us all to be the same. In the end it is the only way for them to stay the elites, while enslaving the people without the majority knowing who their true enemies are. Our government, politicians, and social medias are all owned, and are now controlling the people. The number one thing that drives them is money. The number one thing that drives all the evils we see today is money.

    These elites have figured out how to control the people long ago through technology. These things have been studied and there is a direct correlation when it comes to things we see, hear, and are subjected to heavily influences our society. The elites happen to understand these things more than we realize.
    If you look into shows that were displayed for the public to watch around the late 50’s throughout the 60’s such as Leave It to Beaver, or my favorite Andy Griffith. These shows set aside at least 30minutes at the end to display a moral lesson learned. The Majority of American families stayed intact, and most people displayed more ethics during this time in history. Then in the 70’s shows started displaying single family sitcoms like Maude, Mary Tyler Moore, and One Day at a Time. Divorce Rates in America also skyrocketed throughout the 70’s. Then cable television started in the 80’s. New sitcoms like The Cosby Show and Family Ties both featured a new take on modern family life, with the mothers working outside of the home and the fathers pitching in with housework and parental duties. Americans have always followed suit. 2020 was the most violent in American history.
    It is our duty, responsibility, and opportunity to make this world a better place. The only way to stop the evils from prevailing is to do away with this monetary system. Stop slaving away in their owned and operated institutions only to be screwed over in the end. Stop paying for them to brainwash your children, stop sending them to these brainwashing schools, STOP FUNDING FOR THE GENOCIDE of America’s morals, values, and integrity. Our whole Culture is under attack. Just think about this, any country that majority was being flooded by white/Christians would be called Genocide. Any culture that was being erased or skewed by some outside source we, the American people, would fight for them so why now are we doing nothing for ourselves?

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