UFO Hunters: US Military Pursues UFOs (S3, E11) | Full Episode | History

UFO Hunters: US Military Pursues UFOs (S3, E11) | Full Episode | History 1

For decades, it has been believed that the United States military have had encounters with the UFO phenomena. Our team sets out to try and uncover the armed forces’ “first response” to UFO encounters, in Season 3, Episode 11, “First Response.” #UFOHunters
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UFO HUNTERS follows the team of Bill Birnes, Kevin Cook and Pat Uskert, as they investigate UFO cases around the world. The team’s access to UFO evidence is unparalleled—and their expertise allows them to quickly identify bogus claims of UFOs. Together, they use eyewitness accounts, scientific experimentation, documents recently released through the Freedom of Information Act and footage that has never been seen on television to piece together compelling—and sometimes chilling—evidence of UFO phenomena.

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  1. The stories are very interesting – the production aspect of the show is lousy. It’s like the production company of the “Dog: bounty Hunter ended up searching for UFOs now. You can tell it’s fully scripted. The camera footage and ending take away from the value of the stories. Cheap effects. Can’t sit through this stuff.

  2. Thers ships as big as 4 foot ball fiels long at least 20 floors tall one foot ball field wide ..just like the destroyer in starwars, pitch black

  3. I've seen a dog fight off the coast of the Pacific by lax. The fight looked to be in outer space and the movement from the crafts was unnatural. A whole bunch of stuff goes on around that area I feel that particular area serves as a gateway or portal because you can catch all kinds of stuff juat about everyday.

  4. I know that they exist i have seen these since 1990. My latest experience was last fall when one went over my house. After that I started sending s.o.s. at it they come to see me. A lot.

  5. I live in Oroville,CA i seen the same round light that turn in to two round lights . I have recorded this on my phone .were do you send a video like this ????

  6. I think it's funny when they say our fighters chace ufo ,I was in my shop around 3:30 am in North Carolina a couple of years back when it sounded like 2 Chinooks helecopters was landing on my roof the building I was in had so much vibration it was unreal I opened my doors to see the biggest most beautiful colorful round dounut or motorcycle wheel looking ufo it was bright white light outside with a real green inside but the whole center was open with just like a small silver thing in the middle like a hub in a rim but there was nothing holding it it floated perfect in the middle it was as tall as the twin towers there was 2 f16 fighters trying to catch it full after burners glowing and it looked so funny because it looked like the Jets was stuck in air the huge ufo started jumping like in a heartbeat machine at the hospital then in the next second it took off like nitress funny car in a about 2 second it was gone to the point you could not see the bright lights because when it came close to my shop it turned the night into day it was the biggest most beautiful thing I ever see , our military has zero zero chance to catch one like that maybe something small but this was as big as a city much been what they call a mother ship I would give anything to see where and how there built ,

  7. The US Air Force now has 6th generation fighter jets that have both laser and microwave beam weapons. None of the previous generations could ever hit a functioning UFO. The weapons could never aim and attack craft that move this quickly. The craft can move much faster then an F-16, a F-22 or an F-35. However, next generation weapons can aim and track in milliseconds and the beam weapons travel at the speed of light. Nothing could outrun them. The pulse laser weapons can severely damage the craft. The microwave weapon can disable any electronics aboard the craft.

    Things are about to change.

  8. The night sky! Get a lawn chair you can lay down on spend four to six hours a night for two nights and I guarantee you will see a UFO the night sky !! It's full of them can't believe people aren't talking about it they're everywhere right now I guarantee it !!!!!!! I see several in a night 50% of the time !!

  9. Bill is always an alarmists. Sometimes he seems to state his hypothesis as factual or argue that it very well could be the case, even if the evidence may strongly suggest something a little more mundane.
    On a more positive side, he definitely leaves no stone unturned though. Bill is a very thorough investigator and will look at every piece of evidence. (even the smallest).
    I would investigate a case with him because of his thoroughness alone.

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