Conflict on Sudan's border with Ethiopia hurts farming industry

Conflict on Sudan's border with Ethiopia hurts farming industry

The conflict on Sudan’s border with Ethiopia is affecting farmers in Gadarif.

Fighting in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region has resulted in people, some who once came in as farmworkers, now coming into Sudan as refugees.

Farmers there are now forced to hire workers from South Sudan, after a reduction in labour from Ethiopia.

Al Jazeera’s Hiba Morgan reports from the Sudan-Ethiopia border.

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  1. The government should stop this heavy reliance in Ethiopoan labour and force the youth to work instead of complaining all day about the state if the economy and looting shops and leaving our farm owners relying on foreign labour, when will this stop??

  2. Dishonest reporting. How come Al Jazeera never goes to Ethiopia report from Ethiopian farmers sides… How come Al Jazeera always report bad things about Ethiopia??? It is amazing to see how Al Jazeera uses black Africans to spread their poisoned propaganda upon African countries

  3. Please condemn Myanmar Military Terrorists, they shoot the people with sniper even the people in the home, beat and arrest many people. Also condemn China and Russia for their supporting of Myanmar Military Coup.

  4. It is very very big and bad mistake for Sudan to start war with Ethiopia especially at this time.Ethiopians considered Sudan people as brothers and sisters but now we are disappointed.

  5. Sudan military based government want the war to divert the protest from the Sudanese people.

    The current president must Vacant his seat for civilian government. His time is already expired.

  6. Ethiopian emperor Yohannes IV was killed by Sudanese forces and his head was carried to Khartoum.
    Be carful Ethiopians, or you want your heads to be dispatched to Khartoum

  7. Greedy hodam Envanders of ethnic Amhara no longer occupied Sudan land, the worst yet to come dirty mind, thank u Sudan forces we will support u all the way up to the end,mark my word

  8. You will see the result in one months the whole world include areb league didn’t say a word when this army took sudan with coup now invade Ethiopia very soon Ethiopia will take back what is her own we will see all leaders of the world they ganna act aljazerah get ready Ethiopian people never has a problem with their brother suadanese but the military supported by Egypt will figure out the hard way very soon

  9. Al Jazeera, the most biased mass media reporting whether Nile Dam or Sudan and Ethiopia conflict. But, doesn’t change anything from reality which is using our God given resource without asking permission from no one by considering other needs from this River. When it comes Sudan, yes temporary they feel super power by displacing our people and destroying their farm and equipment, stealing their agricultural product. Al- Burhan can start conflict in behalf of Egypt interest but can he finish what he started?

  10. The Amhara militia expansionist under the cover of a fake Ethiopia country.
    Ethiopia is a concocted country with colonized indigenous nationalities fighting for freedom. Soon or later Ethiopia will break up.

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