Coronavirus Update: India reports its biggest single day spike | COVID-19 | Latest English News

Coronavirus Update: India reports its biggest single day spike | COVID-19 | Latest English News

India has recorded close to 300000 cases in the last 24 hours. Country has also reported 2023 deaths on Tuesday (20th April). #COVID19 #India #EnglishNews …


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  1. As the conditions are right the virus spreads and changes, such is true. It is drastically changing human nature. The change in nature is significant, vivid. In this realize, how to change and what to change. Freedom permits an election of behaviors realizing the principle of the truth as exacted in by for our nature. It is in for service of such. Such that our behaviours may realize and establish the principle of the truth in our daily, personal lives. Renewed each day in the faith that God is true, and this nature of mine he intends… To be trustworthy of God, I believe, means to understand what we know of God. For God is true to believe in. And in that is when we afford the merit of trust in God. Generation upon generation have been faithfully working expanding and supporting what is faith and how it is in a service capacity to nature. Faith is utility. Faith is a indispensable part of us and the creation God intends, however God must, we must, as best as our fallibility may permit us to.

  2. So now after a week WIONs eyes have opened. Such a horrible Politicians, Media and Public Servant our nation has got and well stupid people of this nation are blaming the True Heroes The Doctors & Nurses, The Scientists, The Engineers, etc.

  3. Also, I believe India has the capacity and scientists to reproduce these same medicines, to hell with patents in this emergency. God be with you India from a Trump Supporter.

  4. ah yes those indian so called influencers that travel during a pandemic are now seeing the fruit of their labors for being so damn selfish and vain, yes you harshala patil who traveled 4 times during the pandemic do you have no sense or i guess thats what you get for getting money just for being fair and having hips, all your fans are old ugly men anyways in five years have fun with no income when your looks fade

  5. Scientists were "Baffled" at India's low reported positive cases and deaths. Finally the testing is catching up and now statistics are more accurate to reflect the true underlying infection. Why the surprise on high infection rate – in the past there was not sufficient testing being conducted hence the statistics were all eschewed. Now with more testing the positivity rate suddenly shot up and again will Baffle the scientists as to the extreme accelerating rate of infection. Sadly many millions will perish especially within the Dalit caste.

  6. Why do Indians take such crap from their gov, did u guys know India is currently the world's largest exporter of vaccine? almost 65mil doses, now the situation is even worse because the US embargoed materials needed to make the vaccines. Too much is focused on politics, and I hear Modi is currently preparing for re-elections.

  7. What an Incompetent government. When there is pattern confirms that you're the next, you won't called it a surprise, it's pure stupidity for doing nothing effective. Modi is busy offering vaccines to other countries & ganging up trying to brings down its neighbour in the quad meeting few weeks ago inspite his own house is burning, badly. Now, can those so called quad countries ie US, Japan, Australia – help ? Ordinary Indian folks, the poor are suffering.

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