The Universe: Mysterious Dark Matter Explained (S2, E6) | Full Episode | History

The Universe: Mysterious Dark Matter Explained (S2, E6) | Full Episode | History 1

Join us as we highlight the trends that have defined us from the 1920s to now in History by the Decade –

Scientists have no idea what it is, but Dark Matter and Dark Energy make up 96% of the Universe. Dark Matter is everywhere. It passes through everything we know on earth at billions of particles every second, in Season 2, Episode 6, “Dark Matter.” #TheUniverse
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  1. How do we know that Dark Matter would react with the Germanium sensor in such a way as to change the temperature, even slightly? How do we know how that Dark Matter reacts with regular Matter at all?

  2. Couldn’t the universe be retracting just a much as it is said to be expanding. Say into a huge mass of a block hole type of structure. As we got pulled closer back to it, it would look like everything was being pulled apart, when really it only looks that way because of the reverse motions. Kinda like sitting at a stop light next to a semi truck, if that truck moves forward beside you unexpectedly, you immediately fell and think that you are moving, and not just moving, but moving in reverse. It’s an illusion that we are moving one way, when really we are moving the other. Just a crazy thought.

  3. i would like to know if anyone has ever tried using a magnetic setup like a halbach array to make a vacuum sealed portable or non-portable electricity generator that could possibly use a wind up spring or other source of power like solar?
    the possibilities are endless to create renewable sources of power generation
    if you can combine ideas, technology, and resources with practicle application

  4. I think it's kind of funny the scientist or trying to convince you that there is dark matter but they can't see it they can't feel it they can't smell it they really don't even know if it's exist but they're convinced that exist kind of sounds like God doesn't it just like some of us have faith in God

  5. Maybe dark matter is the waste or pollution of the active universe. Stars are producing huge amounts of energy, even though converting hydrogen into more complex elements, there could be a waste byproduct of smaller particles that are expelled. This would explain the presence of dark matter just after the universe began. There must be some waste matter that is highly expelled from the stars. Even Albert E mentions this in his theory of E=MC and concluding that total annihilation cannot be possible in stars, and that only Antimatter can produce complete combustion to loss of matter to zero. Maybe the stars are the source of this wimp ejection.

  6. I look at these people chasing their tails and I feel so sad. A wonderful force you cannot see but you know it is ther. The answer is so simple. Just bow your head and pray and humble yourslef. The dark matter you are seeking is God. Why is this not so obvious and they just keep on ignoring it. God is right here and they wan to go looking for it. ??? so sad.

  7. This is an amazing video, super interesting stuff. However, I have a couple of questions. Going back to the scientists at the fermilab, how is it that they were not able to detect dark matter if dark matter is constantly passing through earth and everything around us? Also, if dark matter doesn’t interact very well with normal matter, how could normal matter attach itself to dark matter to be able to form stuff? This video really sparked my interest and I was left with so many questions !

  8. Why does the History Channel present such a one sided picture of this controversial – if not wacky – theory? The other theory is called MOND, which explains the shape of galaxies by the gravitational pull of other galaxies. See Chae et al, Testing the Strong Equivalence Principle: Detection of the External Field Effect in Rotationally Supported Galaxies, The Astrophysical Journal, 904:51 (20pp), 2020 November 20.

  9. The Lords universe. CERN in switzerland needs to be dismantled. they are creating dark matter and shooting it into the firmament. hillary clinton said 2016 although we didnt shatter that high glass ceiling yet" the bible is real folks. inner earth is real too. thats where the bottomless pit is. research and forget everything you been taught. we been decieved and lied to all our lives. we been indoctrinated to the occult/ free mason doctrine. they own everything. they serve a demonic force

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