Young People In Germany: Roles Models, Hobbies And Age Limits | Meet the Germans

Young People In Germany: Roles Models, Hobbies And Age Limits | Meet the Germans

What’s it like to be a young person in Germany? What do German teenagers get up to in their free time? And who are their role models? Rachel finds out more in this week’s Meet the (young) Germans – and welcomes a special guest, German TikTok star Younes Zarou!

Rachel moved from the UK to Germany in 2016. As a relative newcomer she casts a fresh eye over German clichés and shares her experiences of settling into German life. Every two weeks she explores a new topic – from unusual bans to meaty cuisine or haunted castles. This week: Young people in Germany.

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  1. The pandemic made one thing pretty clear: Younger people – to be more specific: those who are not allowed to go to an election yet – are basically nonexistent to the politicians. Billions for Lufthansa, but not a single air filter – recommended by almost every scientist – for schools. Supplying every school with such a filter system in Germany would've cost a sixth of what Lufthansa got with the first support package. "Protect and support is still the motto in air traffic" quote of Andreas Scheuer, Federal Transport Minister. What did the politicians say about the air filter systems for schools: Too expensive.
    To bring it into perspective: Spahn always says he is confident to be able to make "everyone" in Germany an offer for the vaccination by the mid of this year…to this day, there is not a single vaccine available in Germany that is approved for children…so much for the "everyone".

  2. Holy crap, I hate those filters that wash out peoples faces – that made Rachel look really creepy.
    It's beyond me how people do not realize how freakishly weird it looks.

  3. i'm a turkish teen and i am astonished cuz absolutely we can't have same opportunity compared with these guys nvm i'm coming germany

  4. "Gammelfleischparty" was the term of the year 2008. Half of the youth of that year is already 30 itself. You don't have to feel that bad Rachel.

  5. hi im emir from Turkey im 15 and i really enjoy metal and rock music , my hobbies are swimming and gaming the most importent thing for me : family , friends , education and loyalty . Ataturk is my biggest role model be cuz he saved turkey from collapsing and he reformed the country

  6. Hi.. I would like to see how much Germans think about the Philosophers, physicists and mathematicians. Is it something that the general population care about, do they understand the importance of these, etc.
    There is a BBC Scotland documentary on James Clerk Maxwell "The man who changed the world". In this documentary a professor asks Scottish people if they could recognize who he was, and sadly there was no one who could. Maybe college physics or mathematics is hard but do people in Germany know the science behind things in day to day life or if they care to know about..? What about the younger generation..?

  7. Oh Wallah! I hear this all the time here in Bonn from school kids and teenagers!
    fun fact: Some parts of the video are in Tannenbusch Mitte near Kaufland! Who am I kidding! DW headquarters is in Bonn.

  8. The German teens seem to be skilled in many more things than Russians. Although, maybe I am just too lazy…
    The “losers” still have a better country than the “winners”(after WW||, I mean)

  9. Here's a question, why would young Germans sport clothing advertising baseball teams (the Saint Louis Cardinals) and the American football league (not association football, the one with guys in helmets in pads)? Do they even have a clue about these sports?

  10. To the fraulein who thinks Michelle Obama is "COOL". She's anything but. She's a racist who is behind the nightmarish political conditions now that we face in the USA. You already had one racist remember. You shouldn't be deifying any more… That led to disaster 70 years ago didn't it?

  11. So the German youth word's are never really representativ it has gotten better over the last year's but it's never really what young people say

  12. It would have been worthwhile to mention that German teens (as well as German children) don't leave the house as often as they used to (so much for "Gammelfleisch"), don't see friends as often as they used to; and that they're struggling with mental illness at an alarming rate.

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