Dangerous Missions: Assault on Iwo Jima (S1, E6) | Full Episode | History

Dangerous Missions: Assault on Iwo Jima (S1, E6) | Full Episode | History 1

On February 19, 1945, Operation Detachment, the campaign to seize a small volcanic island 660 miles south of Tokyo, commenced. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th Marine Divisions stormed Iwo Jima’s defended shores, in Season 1, Episode 6, “Assault on Iwo Jima”. #DangerousMissions
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  1. My grandpa was in the 5th division. He was a flamethrower but was only around 140ish pounds at 17 with like a 70 pound tank on his back. He lived the whole time and now I am proud to own a Japanese sword he brought back.

  2. I mourn the death of every Soldier I respect and love them for their sacrifice for our country oh, I recognized and I'm blessed by The Valor and the courage by our Armed Forces I will never forget their sacrifices and I will pray for them till I'm in heaven even so

  3. What disgrace has made the most oh, that the sacrifice and the loss of life and the loss of the families oh, that made America great the Democrats are giving us away to the communist

  4. Thank you to all veterans and God bless all of you. I live free because you men and women have given everything for all of us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my family’s

  5. My brother was in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he often says the same thing "Why them and not me?" The stories he tells are chilling. I can only IMAGINE what it was like on Iwo Jima.

  6. Grandpa was there. Took a hit in the side and left on day 26. Never went back. His great grandson did bring him a jar of sand from their when he was stationed in Japan. It's full of metal bits and black sand.

  7. I'm so glad the History channel was making these types of videos while there were still many WW2 vets alive to tell us their stories. There are not many WW2 vets alive anymore, and they sacrificed so much for our freedom they deserve to have their stories told.

  8. I know someone's grandfather. He was in Iwo Jima in WW2. He was a flamethrower and demolition He was in C Company First battalion,24th regiment 4th division. While in Iwo Jima he didn't got a single hit or wound. He died of old age.

  9. There is another marine, his name is Tony Stein and he was awarded a Medal of Honor for his brave actions in Iwo Jima by repeatedly making single handed firefights and aiding the wounded at once during the start of the battle. The weapon he was carrying was a bit odd at the time, nicknamed the "Stinger". It was a M1919 Browning machine gun but it was modified that he could hold it like a rifle and fire it no problem. Unfortunately on D+10 he was KIA.

  10. My father was a corpsman for the 5th Marines. Iwo Jima was his last of …..
    Expeditionary force
    Landing force
    27 landings
    9 major invasions / 2 with army
    11 bronze stars.
    God bless you Pops, I miss you.

  11. My grandfather was one of the lucky astronomically small percentage of men that landed on iwo jima early on, and went on to liberate the island without being wounded. He received a silver star, that he never talked about, we only learned of this at his funeral. The man never spoke a word of his time in the pacific, which spoke more words then he could of said in a lifetime.

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