India's COVID crisis: How did it happen and what to expect | DW Special Report

India's COVID crisis: How did it happen and what to expect | DW Special Report

DW News presents a special edition on India’s unfolding coronavirus crisis. More than a million and a half cases in just a week, and thousands of deaths, every day. India is overwhelmed. Crematoriums are working overtime, hospitals can’t take in more patients and medical supplies are running low. How did it come to this and will things get worse, before they get better?
The deadly chaos of the second wave of coronavirus infections is in stark contrast to the first. Last year, India dealt with that by imposing what was called the world’s strictest lockdown. India’s streets fell empty and coronavirus case counts dropped eventually, seemingly contrary to warnings about the danger India faced.
Even before the coronavirus spread around the world, epidemiologists warned that India could see the worst of it. Some of the most crowded cities on earth coupled with an ailing healthcare system foreshadowed disaster.
But the first wave of the pandemic seemed to have spared India. At the end of March 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a total lockdown of the entire population for three weeks – the most severe step taken anywhere in the world at that point.
It appeared to be a success. By the beginning of summer, the country of 1.3 billion people was still recording a small number of daily cases. When monsoon season hit, cases rose steadily, peaking at over 90,000 per day. But in October, with the virus in decline, government scientists speculated that India had reached herd immunity.
The ruling party flaunted its success. Modi spoke at the World Economic Forum at the end of January, declaring the virus ‘defeated.’ When India began vaccinating, it took pride in exporting vaccines to other countries in need.
Then came Spring, and with it, the spread of two new coronavirus variants, British and Indian. Cases began rising. The government imposed some restrictions, but millions gathered to celebrate the Holi festival of colors and Kumbh Mela at the Ganges River.
India’s second wave was swift and unstoppable. The daily case count in April has doubled every ten days – an exponential curve. Even the most optimistic models predict India could see another month of this before the second wave peaks.


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  1. God Bless all Indians! The prime minister is uneducated, what to expect from him who doesn’t understand the need of strong basic amenities for citizens: food/shelter/ health

  2. It is frightening to feel. Worst of all is the Modi government, which from the beginning withheld data and refused help from other countries. China was the first country to reach out to India, but it was rejected by Modi. If the Modi government would drop their condescending posture, I believe more people would be able to survive. I hope those who are alive in India can stay healthy.

  3. I am from India, I feel it is lack of vision and knowledge regarding the mutation process and this has been killing the people's in India due to Covid 19. Now whom to blame!

  4. Well if India is who supplying d world with vaccine to me they people had have taken the vaccine so how they still get dis second wave an had so meany people dieing they vaccine is not preventing ppl from gettin d virus

  5. Modi and Shah was able to make a fool of the illiterate masses in north India and stole their money in the name of PM cares fund to fight Covid. Now reality has hit even these gullible people who are suffering because they trusted Modi and his political party who only used the money to buy MLAs but no medical help for the struggling people.

  6. India is the largest vaccine exporter and they didn’t vaccinated their own people. The current leadership always hit the minorities of India and a large part of media spread the hate in their own people. Instead of creating medical resources, Indian government used their resources for weapons. The false claim of “shining India” is shattered and every Indian is heartbroken.
    People of India must not support the leadership who generate HATE for their political gain. My best prayers for the Indian people and I wish they have a caring leader in future.

  7. take levocetirizine as prophylaxis and tx for crs. it is a osteopontin antagonist. virus entry cause osteopontin production that releases proinflam cytokines.

  8. Price to pay for not pro-actively managing the human population. To reach the 1st billion, it took from the beginning of humanity till 1900. It took close to 500,000 years or more for the human population to get to the 1st billion by any reasonable estimate. Since 1900, we have added another 6 billion and counting. So we added another 6 billion in just 121 years? Considering there a finite amount of resources (including air and water) and land, what makes one think there will not be any negative impact of continued population growth?

  9. its so sad that even the people that are preparing the dead ,dont even have gloves or any protection while they are handling them.well thats what i saw watching this.

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