The Amazing Engineering of Top Fuel Dragsters

The Amazing Engineering of Top Fuel Dragsters
Ever wondered how top fuel dragsters can be the fastest accelerating vehicles in the world with up to 12,000 hp and make it from 0-330mph in 3.65 seconds well wonder no more as we look a the rather amazing engineering of top fuel dragsters.

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Written, researched and presented by Paul Shillito
Images and footage : Loud Mike Media, NHRA, Viktor Mohos, Mr JWW, Dodge Automobiles, Csaba Marosi, Mastercam
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  1. today we are spoiled with a lot of performant cars and forget that doing a quarter mile in 15 seconds is actually fast, some super cars were doing that back then… we see so many 7 to 8 seconds cars that we forget that need 1000+ HP to do that. and doing this in about 3.6 seconds is actually insane! (and the power requirements are almost exponential!)

  2. @5:06 the Connecting Rod Center to center shrinks mainly due to the 1.156” Wrist Pin Bore increasing in Diameter. the Serrations on the Rod Cap also will seat over time making the Big end Rod housing decrease in diameter parallel to the Beam. This helps because the big end housing usually can be honed true back to 2.500” the rods will actually stretch more than squish. If the car knocks the tires off early in the run and the driver doesn’t catch it quick enough Center to Center can increase buy .010”-.020”. Burning Nitro is so counter intuitive and that’s why I love it. It’s so cool to randomly see my self off topic on one of my favorite channels. I grew up around nitro This was the best explanation video ever on Fuel Cars. Now you need to do a TAD and TA/FC vid on alky cars

  3. Mercedes GP car in the mid 30s was the first race car to use CH3-NO2. It’s also used for breaking down acrylic monomers like super glue and cleaning printing presses.

  4. the reason so much fuel is burned outside the engine is because they're using the fuel to wash the cylinder and prevent a secondary expansion at the bottom of the piston stroke, basically nearly hydrolocking it

  5. I've seen several top fuel crew chiefs say that the "running on borderline hydraulic lock" is just not true and has always been a misconception.

  6. Two innocent little words used to describe a pass, the 'HIT' and the 'click'.
    The hit describes the gut-punch of the sound pressure of the launch.
    The click is the never heard sound of the throttle butterfly's closing.

  7. It was the saddest day of my life when I realized these engines can only run for 5 seconds at a time. No coolant passages, bent rods. We have remote control aircraft flying around on other planets now, we have the technology to make the metal hard enough for these motors to run for years. Unfortunately, the entire industry falls apart when people don't buy new parts. It's not profitable, so these things are made weak. It's sad when profits prevent advancement.

  8. I do machining for a large aerospace company and as a 'thank you' I took six of the firms engineers to their first top fuel event.On the drive there I told them that whatever they are picturing, they are wrong, it will be much more extreme. On the drive home every one of them said they never imagined anything even close to what they just witnessed!!

  9. Hey mate. Pit crew on the only Canadian NHRA top fuel drag team. If you're interested, you're more than welcome to come along and I'll give you a personal tour and answer any questions you may have. Thanks for bringing Nitro to the masses. 🙂

  10. It is just nuts that Pro-Stock cars are running speeds ( in 1000 ft. ) that Top-Fuel was trying to achieve 40 years ago (in a quarter-mile) when I was a street hot rodder in my 71 Dodge Challenger R/T, man I'm getting old.

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