25 Best Horror Movies of All Time

25 Best Horror Movies of All Time

Get ready to be scared out of your shoes with the BEST horror movies of all time. With most of these movies rated R, they are not the great family movie you are going to watch with your kids (try this one instead – https://youtu.be/cg8mPhQZNpY). However, if you’re looking for a horror movie to scare your pants off you’re in the right place. From hard core classics to scary new psychological thrillers, these horror movies will have you turning all the lights on and crying for your mom. Get ready to be scared with these scary horror movies!

If you think you have nerves of steel or if you just like being scared out of your mind, this is a list you have to see! This list brings together some of the most fantastically tense horror movies ever created and some amazing movies that changed the way we thought about the horror genre. Think you know the best horror movies of 2018? Watch this list and leave us a comment letting us know if you think we got it right, what horror movie Mike should watch next, and what video you want to see tomorrow!

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If you love horror movies, then you are most certainly familiar with Rosemary’s Baby, the Shining, and A Cabin in the Woods – the classic horror movie fair. But you may not have seen some of our favorite horror movies that changed the genre – like Get Out, Green Room, and The Babadook. Whether you are looking for a movie by the master himself (Stephen King – Misery and The Shining both make our list) or something with more of a slow burn that eats you up inside, like The Witch, we have something for every horror movie taste. From terrifying first films like Eraserhead to remarkable remakes that are scarier than the original (like Carrie, Poltergeist, and The Omen), get ready to make the perfect horror movie watch list that is guaranteed to give you nightmares! Make sure to watch this list all the way to the end to see which of these terrifying horror movies made it into our top 10!

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  1. My top 25:

    01.) The Thing (1982)
    02.) Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)
    03.) The Exorcist (1973)
    04.) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
    05.) The Evil Dead (1981)
    06.) Alien (1979)
    07.) Psycho (1960)
    08.) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
    09.) Scream (1996)
    10.) Hellraiser (1987)
    11.) Saw (2004)
    12.) Halloween (1978)
    13.) IT (2017)
    14.) Candyman (1992)
    15.) Day of the Dead (1985)
    16.) Misery (1990)
    17.) The Mist (2007)
    18.) Sleepy Hollow (1999)
    19.) Dracula (1992)
    20.) Black Christmas (1974)
    21.) Child's Play (1988)
    22.) Hereditary (2018)
    23.) Dead-Alive (1992)
    24.) The Fly (1986)
    25.) The Conjuring (2013)

  2. I gotta say this dude countdown is garbage he doesn’t know anything about horror how the fuck you gotta leave out saw,Friday the 13Th, sleep away camp,

  3. Rosemarys Baby is probably one of my favourite movies; maybe because I grew up in the 1960’s. When I watch it now, I love it for the fact that it captures the 60’s, the characters are all excellent. Polanski followed the book and did one of the best book-to-movie productions ever. It taps into deep entrenched fears, especially for women. Any woman who has been pregnant can connect with this movie. I’m not religious or Catholic, but if you are, then you will find this even more disturbing.

  4. I’m a child of the 1960’s, so these are my favourites; The Exorcist -(it was incredibly ground breaking at the time – search it, crazy) Rosemary’s Baby, The Sentinel, Burnt Offerings, Night of the Living Dead, later on – Poltergeist, Alien, now – The Witch (masterpiece), Heredity, I am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House, Signs, Devil, The Happening (Shyalaman is so underrated ), The Descent with the original ending (not the American one!),

  5. Children of the corn,a nightmare on elm street,friday the 13th,halloween,a haunting g in Connecticut, annytimiville 2 possession,a blare witch project,exorcist,polterdwigs,candy man,popcorn,

  6. My favourite horror movies:
    1. Child’s play (1988)
    2. The thing (1984)
    3. Scream
    4. Bride of chucky
    5. Child’s play 2
    6. A nightmare on elm street (1984)
    7. Jaws
    8. It
    9. The shining
    10. The invisible man (2020)

  7. Can someone help me find a movie from my childhood. I’ll describe it the best I can. I remember someone being covered in ice cubes in a bath tub and I remember scenes of a guy on a subway looking at a lady with a tail. I know that’s not a lot to go by lol but any help would be appreciated

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