25 Odd And Bizarre Facts About Area 51 You Probably Didn't Know

25 Odd And Bizarre Facts About Area 51 You Probably Didn't Know

From the very first moment it became operational, the military base most of us know as “Area 51” has been associated with aliens and UFOs. Rumors and conspiracy theories have floated around for decades. For this reason, separating fact from myth isn’t the easiest thing to do when thinking of Area 51.

The American government didn’t even publicly acknowledge its existence until recently. This makes the whole area even more mysterious. Many people believe that the government has hidden evidence of alien visitors. However, no one knows for sure what is going on in Area 51.

With today’s list of the 25 Most Bizarre Area 51 Stories and Facts we will try to enlighten you about one of America’s most secretive locations. Like Fox Mulder from the X-Files would say, the truth is out there.

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  1. I worked at Nellis for 4 years doing security in an area just a few miles north designated area 2. During my time there I witnessed what appeared to be a large weather balloon that peeked over some mountains north of the area. The object hovered for a while, went side to side then disappeared back behind the mountains. No cause or explanation of the object was ever revealed but was seen by several Vegas residents. I had also heard that several years prior the f117 had flew from 51 and landed at Nellis and witnesses were told not to discuss what they saw due to it being testing of the as yet unofficial aircraft.

  2. Obama was not the first president to mention Area 51….As you drive down the E.T. highway your radio will stop working and so will your cell phone.Your GPS will tell you to make a u turn and go back.

  3. In 1990, I did visit Rachel, and drove along the Area 51 border (which DID have a fence, and was festooned with government signs saying that any attempt at tresspass would be mtet with deadly force. In my entire time in Rachel, or the area adacent to Area 51, I never saw or heard anything that would cause me to think of extrateresstrial anything. I did, however, experience something mind-blowing about 40 or 50 miles out of Rachel, going back to Vegas… both coming AND going!!! I, also, will not discuss what I saw, probably because nobody would ever believe me anyway. I later discussed my sightings with the President (and son of the founder) of Lear Jet. He confirmed what I saw, as being the truth.

  4. I live in Rachel Nevada. If you are going to do videos like this. Get your facts straight before posting it….. the roswell incident was in 1947. Years ..and..years before the facility near groom lake was started, and it was picked for its remote location for U2 testing and development. I used to really enjoy your videos, but the information you have been giving out lately is really going down hill. Please fact check, or stick to lists of 25 things that you actually know about.

  5. Hate to miss you list yet rather see new like several so wait several days love ya boys yes can this my children older And Area 51 I believe would not be there unless someone going on Oh hope you ok Did Tristan for the rug out from under you

  6. I dont think aliens are in area 51 because if aliens are clever enough to build starships and hovercraft well then they would be clever enough to realise they need to be tracked when visiting other planets so area 51 couldnt hide the aliens as the other aliens would come looking also its because we would advance in technology at a lot faster rate if we knew advamced technology!

  7. Also the people at area 51 how can they keep it secret and also when they retire! I mean you could get put in prison but imagine the fame you would make but as i dont think there are aliens in area 51 thats why nobody has come out about it!

  8. Area 51 holding aliens? I don't think so. However, the site is hiding the government's secret new technology, whatever tech that may be. Area 51 is especially used for the creation of new stealth aircraft.

  9. Before the U.S. government acknowledged the existence of Area-51 a couple of non-military workers tried to sue the government for dangerous work conditions but were unsuccessful
    because "officially" the area didn't exist.

  10. Yes. My mom and I were on our way to White Sands Proving Ground. She got turned around and entered Area 51. It was in the 50's. They were not happy to see us. They drew guns and surrounded our car. I remember thinking we were going to die. My father was in the USArmy. Once we were cleared we were escorted off th er property.

  11. I was a truck driver for several years.  The base were area 51 is located was one of my customers.  One of the first things I was told about the area was to never except a shipment to or from that area.  The reason being that once you received that clearance you would forever be on the governments radar. I did now some Drivers that had that clearance and the all regretted it.

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