My Son's Yeshiva Is Breaking the Law | NYT Opinion

My Son's Yeshiva Is Breaking the Law | NYT Opinion

What do you want to be when you grow up? That’s not a common question for boys attending ultra-Orthodox yeshivas in New York. That’s because many of these schools focus on Judaic studies, preparing students for a life of religious scholarship — at the expense of basic reading, writing, math and science. New York State law mandates that private and religious schools provide a curriculum equivalent to that of public schools, and a 2019 report by New York City’s Department of Education found that only two of the 28 yeshivas it investigated met these requirements. This is especially problematic, considering that the city’s yeshivas receive over $100 million in state funds annually.

Authorities have failed to enforce the laws, allowing the community, which is a strong and unified voting bloc, to disregard secular education requirements. In the video above, a mother pleads with city and state officials to enforce the law so her son can receive one of the most basic rights: education.

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  1. I am in exactly the same situation. Ex chassidic full custody but the father can veto any decision to send him to an adequate school according to the courts. Here in Jerusalem the situation is similar

  2. There is no such thing as a “religious school” because they don’t want children to have true education as free thought is a basis of knowledge and critical thinking. They want kids to forever be tethered to the churches and only “qualified” to work in those communities/churches. That’s why all religions are cults. This will never be handled because criticizing Judaism is considered “anti-Semitic” because of ultra liberal overcorrection due to the awful past persecution those people faced but life doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It can be wrong to harm members of a religion while the religion it’s self is harmful.

  3. Dancing on some interesting grounds for First Amendment rights. Yoder v. Wisconsin set precedent on this. Honestly, I doubt any state government or city government will want to take this on. It's hard to take on a religious freedom case, especially one where an extremely similar case already exists. I'd be sorry to hear your sound argument fall on deaf ears.

  4. I am a member of the chassidic community. And so is my husband. He went to the schools she is bashing. Yes his secular education was not exemplary but he got great educational skills through the very intense Jewish studies program.
    He is currently working on his master’s degree and doing very well. He has been successfully employed until now and as soon as he decided to go for his degree he found many resources within the community to help him out.

  5. Religion and dogmatic practices belong in churches / private homes.

    Education, facts, science, and asking ALL the questions belong in schools.

  6. What types of jobs await these Yeshiva graduates? Do they all become rabbis employed by the local temples? I would think that supply outpaces demand and more parents would be upset about the lack of career options.

  7. I've known about how the Orthodox community works for years. They also own and operate many nursing homes and home care agencies for minorities. With this level of isolation it makes me stop and think…

  8. This is a load of hogwash. I went to these schools and have an excellent education. The schools provide the necessary education. This woman is someone who went away from the religion and has a bone to pick.
    This happens in all devout religious schools of any religion where a heavy emphasis is placed on religious studies. There's plenty of equivalent studies, they're blinded by hatred to see it.
    If you look at education results as your determining factor on education. These kids who attend religious school commit criminal activities close to a zero percentage.
    Additionally some of them grow to be the wealthiest folks there are.
    In short there's no laws broken and this women is spreading libel. Oh right this is the New York Blinds which ignores facts completely and accepts fringe opinions for reality.

  9. She could have withdrawn the kid any time she wanted
    Oh I almost forgot she probably a liberal who hate religious
    And we all know how leftists hate jews ,blacks and other minorities

  10. Once again ignorance rears its covered head especially in the comments section. Simple question, how come there so many successful entrepreneurs in these communities with a "minimal" education. I know the answer, but something for the rest of you haters to ponder.

  11. Yikes, why I don't like ultra orthodox religions when impossing themselves over the law by not meeting the basic and also forcing her to send her son to a crappy school. Hope this gets corrected.

  12. Despite all that is broken in the US, at least you are able to talk about it or protest.

    I am simply heartbroken by how extremist Islamist leaders in my country ~Bangladesh~ have hijacked the mainstream Muslim culture and are creating armies of intolerant and brainwashed children in madrassahs across the country. Even as a practicing member of the Muslim-majority, I am helpless to do anything or even say anything against those who are perverting my religion for their own narrow gains.

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