Why Secrecy Haunts China’s Solar Factories in Xinjiang

Why Secrecy Haunts China’s Solar Factories in Xinjiang

The world’s solar power surge depends on polysilicon from factories in Xinjiang, the region at the center of China’s crackdown on Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities. No one really knows what’s going on inside the facilities.

That’s why two Bloomberg reporters went to Xinjiang in March, after weeks of unsuccessful requests for factory tours. Such visits aren’t unusual elsewhere in China. But this time a security apparatus sprang into action. Upon our landing in Urumqi, two police officers boarded the plane, one with an automatic weapon slung across his chest and a photo identifying one of the reporters in hand. After questioning on the tarmac, we left the airport. For the next three days agents followed us everywhere, obstructing all attempts to speak to locals and deleting our photos.

The veil over Xinjiang has made the search for answers about the links between China’s labor program and its solar industry a job for outside researchers—who, it turns out, have found potentially telling details just by combing through public records.

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  1. nope… the wont ban import of solar panels because they are hypocrites too. they will only ban products they can get elsewhere but that wont do anything as china can just use more forced labour with those products.

  2. Let's not forget that not every country has a western perspective on the world. Chinese work longer hours than westerners. Individuals see that as the contribution they can make to China's success. Why is it a human rights violation when people think first for their country, and secondly for their own interests? They know this work is an investment that will make their lives better later.

  3. Don't play this selective lens trick. How many innocent civilians have been massacred by Western governments in Muslim countries in the name of democracy, freedom, human rights and counter-terrorism? You are all blind and can't see, are you? The Muslims in Xinjiang, China live a very happy life. You'd better stay away and care for those Muslims who are struggling in the war Wars waged by western countries.

  4. Because they know they don't need to try hard, people would just swallow whatever they cook. It's no coincidence that the US would benefit the most as the second-placed producer of cotton and solar panels.

  5. As Biden's new infrastructure bill is rolling out, America needs to make sure money doesn't go to its strategic adversary buying shiploads of solar panels. The widened trade deficit between the US and China was greatly fueled by trillions of printed money from the recovery Bills, which was a big strategic mistake that needs to be corrected.

  6. It's so disgusting to see the face of Adrian Zenz, he could even NOT understand the Chinese idioms well, how could he be the "reporter", acutally a liar?
    Such a shame of western lamestream media to quote his report, shameful!

  7. How to fool people? Telling them 90% unimportant true things then use the rest to manipulate them.
    By the way, it's never about human rights or democracy——–VP Kamala Harris: "For years and generations, wars have been fought over oil. "

  8. the reality is regardless if there are positive or debunked news, unlikely they will start parroting what is already the western narrative. So it is not surprising that they are on guard again known western media that only promotes negative aspects. While quoting adrian, already is a bias content especially on his own interpretation of the chinese translation which can be translated differently. What the Foreign ministry invite for media, the key point was "unbias journalist" which for them bloomberg isnt one unfortunately.

  9. The strong political opposition of the fossil fuel industry in western democracies has blocked their governments efforts to invest in the development of mass production of solar panels. Meanwhile China has combined their cheap coal electricity and the budget of their long term program of poverty alleviation with the development of mass production of solar panels. They are now dominant in the exponentially growing world market for that product. To regain their previous dominance of that market the western industrial solar complex cannot lower the costs of their own production to China's level unless by massive governmental subsidies or forced prisoners labor. So they can only either imposed unpopular tariffs or engage in a smearing campaign against the Chinese industrial production model.

    As long as the any western media gives an ounce of credibility to the academic theories of renown religious lunatics such as Adrian Zenz, the Chinese foreign ministry won't qualify it's journalists as objective and unbiased. They had a bad aftertaste from previous western media investigative journalists that were there only to find proofs of Adrian Zenz, theories.

    I bet that if Bloomberg Quicktake publish some peer reviews of Adrian Zenz theories by a comity of renown "objective and unbiased" sinologists, you will qualify for all the criteria of "objective and unbiased reporting as well as professional ethics" which are the requirements of the Chinese foreign affairs offer to open their doors.

  10. Not like this is the first time US has fabricated & weaponized “human rights” against another country.
    It’s really despicable that so many sheeps just go along with it

  11. Everything is built over forced or almost forced labours in a shape or form, that is just how it is.
    I do think however China's PR game is bad and should avoid some phrases or common metaphors when translated to literally or even at times more broadly sounds bad.

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