Buckingham Palace breaks silence after Harry, Meghan interview

Buckingham Palace breaks silence after Harry, Meghan interview

In an official statement, Buckingham Palace officials addressed issues raised by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in their recent interview with Oprah. 

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  1. Meghan is too low in quality to be a royal and has as much quality to her as a Chinese toy. From a UK citizen. Poor Harry. Even his dad isn't a royal. Learn more than you're taught or you can only ever be a slave. Black or white. Love UK ✌

  2. I find this whole thing disgusting… from the two narcissistic hypocrites to Oprah for perpetuating a trash fest of what should be family private discussions.. no one wins here, but hopefully MM and her husband Harry will disappear and we won’t have to listen to this nonsense again

  3. Shame on Oprah for even going there….what did she think the outcome would be? More fame and fortune for her? Giving poor black girl a voice……common…she was forewarned about royal life… and sad she has been depressed but to aire this was not the best idea for ANYONE involved!

  4. I actually do agree about the racist and heritage/background commentary. The Royal families of Europe, UK included, have a long history of being prejudiced, racist, and very picky when it came to marital unions between a royal and someone else of a different country or different race. I'm not saying at all that Brits are like this, I'm only saying that history provides many examples of royals making marriage union decisions that were prejudiced. I agree that because of that history, things were said about Meghan and her family and her heritage/background. But I must ask you this: knowing that the UK royal family had this history, why did she marry into them? If she knew that they would possibly say racist and traditionalist things towards her?

    For instance, I'm a Latina. I'm engaged, to someone who is a different race than me. He's a good man, so is his family. Sometimes I do have to correct some assumptions here and there about heritage from them, but overall, it's all in good spirit and we understand that we all have things to learn and unlearn about each other. But, what if his family wasn't good? What if they espoused a lot of antiquated, traditionalist views on life and race and heritage, and aren't going to change just because I come into the family? What if my future husband, being brought up in that, doesn't stand up with me against those views? Do I want my future children exposed to those views? Do I really want to marry into that? If the situation was set up like that, then absolutely not, I wouldn't walk into a marriage where I wasn't loved and supported. If my husband supported me against his fam and we made our own life separate from them, sure, no problem. Sometimes cutting ties is healthier for the soul. But I can't just expect those relatives to fit my world view or appreciate my heritage from the get-go. They wouldn't understand, and need a guiding hand to understand where I come from, just as I need to step into their shoes and see through their eyes.

  5. No such thing as 'soul searching' by the evil Royal Family. First requirement is to have a soul. The family's souls were traded to the Devil for promises of Ruling the Waves, and raping other parts of the world for slave labor and resources, while killing off populations. Royalty should be eradicated for the sake of the planet. Make a small museum on the site, after Buckingham is demolished. Bravos will be heard from informed citizens in our USA, in Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Australia & New Zealand, plus other formerly colonized countries, including India, parts of China and Africa. American colonists were educated, our leaders then knew the World's arch-enemy was embodied then in George III. The Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese gave up on 'ruling the world' aspirations early.

  6. I never liked Megan I knew she was going to be the thorn in their side. I don't believe a word that's coming out of her mouth. I laughed really hard when he told me that his father cut him off and if it wasn't for what his mother left him and his brother he wouldn't be able to live like he is right now. Boohoo. Megan needs to stay in her Lane she's nowhere near Royal she's trash. Harry should have never married her anyway. She was used goods. Not fit for a king.

  7. I feel it’s important to address but yes she was silenced. Her liberal political Bias and fundamentally her core values were silenced. That’s not to say she couldn’t have them they were just not to be voiced to the public. The royal family's position requires the support of parliamentarians on either side of the political divide. To support one party or cause will only lead to trouble further down the line. Royal neutrality is the standard in the U.K. I believe a large part of Megan’s Identity is rooted in her political and social leaning So for that to be taken away would have caused her to lose her sense of self Like a reason amongst other things for her depressive state Before leaving.

  8. Why should anybody doubt it? Look at what princess Diana had to say about how Buckingham Palace treated her and she was not even black. Harry even brought up his mother …how shabbily she was treated and how he didn't want Megan to end up in the same way.

  9. Tin Scott said it best today, He said "WOKE Supremacy is a much larger problem than White Supremacy".

    There really are few true White Supremisists but now WOKE Supremesists have invaded every corporation.

  10. The whole royal family and all of Britan are gold diggers.. They STOLE Trillions from India and Africa and now act as if it is their money. If they gave back the money then they would be on Food stamps..

  11. My opinion is to all that are of a white race is !!!! Don’t disagree or touch or speak or give your opinions to them cos you be labelled a racist or basically any discrimination that they can think of that they can label you with as a white person !!!!! These so called woke people are just being difficult with every opportunity they can get!!!! Pathetic !!!!! Stop living in the past and let’s move forward and learn from the past to make a better future!!!!! Blaming the white people of today for history bad mistake ain’t going get us all anywhere !!!!!let’s work together to have a better future !!!

  12. Whatever happened to Prince Harry?
    When did he become the lying, manipulative, vindictive, nasty person you see doing interviews today?

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