Gravitas: Meghan Markle accuses Royal Family of 'perpetuating falsehoods'

Gravitas: Meghan Markle accuses Royal Family of 'perpetuating falsehoods'

The row between Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and the royal family is now out in the open. Meghan Markel has accused the Royal Family of ‘perpetuating …


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  1. No-one should get used to RACISM
    And all those rumors and lies…
    Why didn't Kate take a stand when the media was demonising Meghan for making her cry..while the truth was reverse

  2. What do you expect from a monarchy that's been enslaving people all around the world for hundreds of years and creating famines around the world? This is not surprising at all

  3. Yeah idk how delusional they are. A Duchess and a prince who living in a palace literally. Have tons of money and never even touched poverty or real issues complaining about their privilege “pain” and “problems”

  4. Don't cover this Stupid Royal family news.. They are just bunches of scumbags. if there is someone who is royal then its Ratan Tata and many others who care . woh budiya marti b nahi hai.

  5. Meghan, you are in for it, the British who threw their brothers to Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania etc. because of a stolen chicken/cat!? Meghan, they will fight you like a monster. The whole Country is after your neck. All domestic failure want to separate you with your husband, Harry. Why? Because you said the truth. Your life may end up like Diana, Harry's mother. Meghan, walk with a lot of care. Even the blind will beat you Meghan. Have you read about the slave trade and how they treated the slaves!? Meghan I pity you! Remember Camilla, Princess Margaret, the only Sister of the Queen, and many others. Bye Meghan, only the Creator of the Universe will intervene. No human being will assist you otherwise, they will hang you.

  6. Wion, please don't add to the negative Persuasion concerning the the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that most British media outlets do. Their freedom is a real cry, but there comes a time when you just need to fight back especially when their silence wasn't working, it just fueled the negative establishment of them. I hold Wion to the very top standard of a media outlet. This clip is very disappointing and a let down to me especially when I've texted to media's about the English royalty giving back the wealth they've taken from other countries just to make themselves richer.

  7. They lecture the world on carbon footprint then they turned around and took private jets to all their holiday destinations. What hypocrite, these two. Liars and grifters. Blackmailing the royal family since last year by threatening to give interview with Oprah. When they didn't get what they want, they went ahead with the Oprah interview. Ban Oprah from now on.

  8. You should also research about Meghan Markle backstory for doing all this.I m in no support of royal family and Meghan Markle is also not so white as she seems is in all this

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