UK's longest queue | London food bank warns the 2km line will only grow

UK's longest queue | London food bank warns the 2km line will only grow

What’s being called the ‘country’s longest queue’ has formed at a UK food bank as volunteers at the London community kitchen warn that the 2-kilometer line will only get longer

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  1. After being laid off a few times I have had to use food banks it's sad it's come to this for people who lose their work thanks to the Gov and other scum. This problem could easily be sorted out but the Gov just make it worse. 🙁

  2. It's not a beautiful sight to behold. Such scenes in the UK and the US looks like 3rd world countries. This shows us their government was inept for decades. Keep your democratic systems in your own

  3. – From the United States – Thank you for producing this video. A side of Great Britain they have hidden from the average United States citizen. The Brits are so arrogant, but these Brits are not too proud to ask others to pay for their food instead of learning a different trade or profession. Most people start to feel hungry and know that they have to go to work. These people feel hungry and go stand in a line for food paid for by others. It's as bad, if not worse in my country.

  4. Can anyone say world wide debt jubalee? Keep real assets any paper derivatives are void. Big banks need glass stegal so they stop gambling and basil 3 is just a continuance of the old world stiff the little people mentality

  5. have you seen this in china or russia ? make no mistake there is none. westen media would have scaled mt everest to tell the world the failure of the chinese government. the culture of all chinese throught out the world is first make sure you have food and shelter. pretty homes cars and all the other trimmings come a far second. western culture live like the joneses even if you have to beg borrow or steal. ask maddow his family living in luxury. he will be out soon with some presidential pardon. how many poor people were scammed. the list is endless

  6. Yet the uk regime has billions of dollars to keep the "royals" billionaires and for endless wars in the Middle East for amerikkka, APARTHEID israel and corporations.

  7. 5 Eyes Country WITH ITS GANG LEADER USA will try to stop China rise with every means , even war . So In order to reduce US rogue behavior , then we should at least take this small step that is : Do not keep or saving USD . best save in gold or other currency if needed, . better SAVE in your own country currency . That way will reduce US power . If you keep USD dollar it means you give US more money to make weapon to kill and bully other nation around the world (China, Hongkong, Venezuela, Iran , Syria , Iraq, Libya , etc) or company like Toshiba, Alstom , Huawei , Tik Tok, We Chat . Soviet Europe Gas Pipe (nord stream 2)

  8. First they get you used to waiting in long lines for Covid testing, then to receive the Vaccine, then to get food. etc etc. Its an easy way of conditioning. The old "Boil the Frog" method. Welcome to the "New Normal" and "The Great Reset"… Wake up Sheeple..

  9. Is it the UK call this humans right from others countries? When it's owner people line for hours to receive foods from food bank. People should support the government more so they can get free foods.

  10. If you reside lawfully in the UK there is a benefit system which meets basic needs should you lose your job. It's likely these people are in the UK unlawfully and therefore can't claim benefits whilst unable to work due to lockdowns.

  11. Wait till the coming biggest predicted recession/depression in history arrives! Never mind a dose of flu; I foresee a mini type civil war or revolution coming if the current corporate fascist political elite who brought us a minimum wage gig-economy aren’t removed.

  12. Remember folks; it was not a virus that did this; it was your Government. The various lockdowns will be killing people for years to come. But if you dare to cough as you starve to death; they'll put you in the Covid stats to justify more lockdowns.

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