Canada authorizes coronavirus vaccine for children ages 12 to 15 | Covid-19 Special

Canada authorizes coronavirus vaccine for children ages 12 to 15 | Covid-19 Special

Vaccinations save children’s lives. They protect them against diseases like measles and polio. But so far, not against COVID-19.

But that could soon change. Canada authorized the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for children ages 12 to 15.

Many countries are considering vaccinating kids 12 and above. Thousands have already taken part in trials. And with the results proving extremely successful – researchers are now looking at even younger age groups.


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  1. Well, there are deaths in the U. S. And one young girl is paralyzed from the waist down. The news media does not cover these stories. My kids got their childhood vaccines in the 60s 70s and 80s. Bill Gates is a eugenist and wants to depopulate the earth. He thinks he can live, but not others.

  2. Agenda 21/30 world economic forum the great reset is not a conspiracy go to Amazon look for a book called Covid 19 The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab for more information

  3. Don’t worry vaxers they will have to create a couple more vaccines to help fix the first vaccines. By the time it’s over you will experiment with other vaccines

  4. Clearly, it is criminal (imposing deaths for the sake of others), because there is no reasons for such a ransom [Sputnik V vaccine does not cause blood clots. AFP, April 15, 2021]. No cases of thrombocytopenia from Sputnik V and CanSino.

  5. Pfizer's vaccine was NEVER tested for children below 16 years old. Also, there were never pregnant women in pfizer's vaccine trials.

  6. Canada does not have enough vaccines for old people who are dying from Covid, but wants to vaccinate children who are mostly immune to the disease. Average age of a Covid fatality in Canada is over 80; there was only one or two Covid fatalities under 20.

  7. Elderly people in other countries are dying without vaccine while Canada and USA have enough to vaccinate kids. Don’t complain if new mutations come back from the poor nations to bite you.

  8. Children DO NOT NEED protecting against covid-19, as the risk to them is NEGLIGIBLE. In fact it may well be MUCH BETTER for them if they catch covid-19 and hence develop natural immunity, because this immunity may well be far superior to that conferred by vaccination. It may protect them for longer (maybe for life), and also offer protection against future variants and similar viruses. By vaccinating kids the Canadian government is denying them this, and so may be causing them SERIOUS HARM in the longer term.

    This is DEFINITELY NOT for the benefit of kids, but solely to protect very old people, and us such it goes completely against medical ethics. Dr. Mengele would be immensely proud of the Canadian government, and all others who vaccinate kids against covid-19.

  9. 先决条件千万不要害怕跟恐惧。一旦你心里有恐惧的念头,那它会化成猛獸向你襲来!只要自己当下說出,我拒绝被恐惧操控,做出非本人自由意志下的選擇!

  10. How about injecting the fetus while it is in the womb? How about going into pick-up bars (where men are looking to meet women) and inject them directly into their testes? These are ways the vaccine can get into people at the very earliest stages. How about using police crime graphic artists to paint pictures using info from parents of what their dream their child would look like their dream child – their wish. Once the drawing is done and completed, then a needle with the vaccine could be pushed through the canvas, withdrawn and then the vaccine chemicals simply sprayed all over the painting. Putting some vaccine in fire hoses could also help. When the firemen are spraying a burning house, if anyone still dies in the home – their death certificate could then indicate that they died in a fire instead of being put down as another Covid death. There are lots of options if we could just be creative.

  11. So if this is going to be approved by the fda whats the rush? Kids aren’t at high risk so why not approve first before administering? Would like to know the exact studies that were done besides number of children. We’re all ethnic groups tested? Canada is a very multicultural country so this is very important. Also were there sufficient amount of children with different allergies included in the study? When they say this wasn’t rushed what’s the time frame for this study? How long have similar studies on vaccines lasted for this age group?

  12. Perfect, thinning the herd of all the elderly and the young is a perfect idea. There's no better form of population control than giving blood clots to your kids. I'm looking forward to this year: I get to watch natural selection in real time.

  13. When did an "order" or a "mandate" become a "Law"?? A law is an enforceable set of rules approved by the majority of representatives of the people who voted for those representatives to represent those peoples best interests. Mandates and orders are being issued by individuals who were not voted to represent the people. And they are promoting these orders and mandates as "laws". And they are not. Until people rise up and rebel in large enough numbers, such that it overwhelms the system of control, the people will be controlled by those with ulterior motives. All in the disguise of safety for the masses.

  14. There are zero cases of children infecting others or dying from Covid yet we're suppose to think its a good idea to give them drug that has been approved for emergency use only. Do people use their brains anymore? This is sick.

  15. As a Canadian and mother of two teenagers, I am disgusted by this decision. I have no problem taking the risk for myself as I feel that the benefits outweigh the risks, but NOT for my healthy, fit teenagers.
    Israel, Europe, and the US military are currently investigating myocarditis safety signal!! Myocarditis is serious!! Are we hoping to give an entire generation of kids heart failure???

  16. Children have a 99.997 survival rate .. they pulled the vaccine away wen animals died stop forcing kids kids have not been studied for tge trial and safety never before have we put something out to the public with out FDA approval.. This is population control.

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