Time to Wake up Muslims | Sahil Adeem Emotional Speech | آنکھیں کھول دینے والی ایک تقریر

Time to Wake up Muslims | Sahil Adeem Emotional Speech | آنکھیں کھول دینے والی ایک تقریر

Time to Wake up Muslims!!
Eye Opening Emotional Speech by Sir Sahil Adeem
For More Videos of Sahil Adeem Please Visit @A Simple Argument
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  1. Bhai this is exactly the point of life. I fell down crying when you said we have signed 114 chapters. How can forget that? Ya Allah reham farma, hidayat de humko. We pray 5 times a day to Allah. We don't ask anything except seeda rasta. Samaj jao money schools or all these are secondry.. being Muslim is the first.. first first. Lucifer played us well. The whole system of this world is from lucifer(shaitaaan)

  2. Sahil bhai maa sha ALLAH…
    Koi Sahil bhai ko msg poancha de mera…kindly har baar sirf nabi allaihumussalam na bola karain … Sallallaho alaihe wa aalehi wassallam….

  3. Islam is a Deen. We have to understand the Deen and make collective effort for the sake of revolution. Politically, economically and socially. Khilafat is ultimately solution. There is not islamic state in the world right now. Where is shariah. Study the motive of Tanzeem islami. Study the theory of Israr shb and Ishaq shb.

  4. MashaAllah very good concern about ummah. IF YOU WANT TO PUT THIS IN ACTION THEN PLEASE SIT IN YOUR LOCALITY MASJID AFTER SOME SALAH make same concer that "How Deen present at time of prophet Muhammad PBUH can come into my life and whole ummah" Start meeting people in your locality and bring them masjid and give them dawah ,transfers your concern from your heart to THERE'S. BUT REMEMBER THE INTENTION, DAWAH IS FOR DAHI . AT LEAST SPEND 10 % OF YOUR TIME DAILY. IF WHOLE UMMAH IS DOING THIS SURELY OUR LIFE WILL CHANGE.

  5. Yar to ya bata tou konsa suta pee kar videos banatay hoo. Abahy pahalay bheek mangnga to band karo sara mult bheet per chlrahanhaa aur tm ko dosro ke paree ho. Jao ganddu shouty apna kam karo ghairat karo jao isreal sa laro palestian azad krwao.

  6. ابھی آپ کہہ رہے ہیں کہ ہر مسلمان اپنے اپنے شعبے میں کام کررہا ہے کوئی تبلیغ کے شعبے میں ہے کوئی تعلیم کے فروغ کے لئے کوئی کس کام میں مصروف تو پھر علماء بھی دین کے فروغ کیلئے کوشاں رہتے ہیں آپ انکو دجال کے حمایتی گردانتے ہیں میرے خیال میں آپکا دماغ چل گیا ہے