Everything Discovered On Mars So Far

Everything Discovered On Mars So Far

Even the most die-hard Nasa stan has to admit the Martian surface is a pretty dry subject. But what if we told you Nasa’s new Perseverance rover has already made startling discoveries involving a harbour seal, the Wright Brothers airplane, and the merits of rigorous personal hygiene?

Join us today as we prove how much this dead planet rocks and learn what has been found on Mars so far.


Imagery supplied via Getty Images

What Has Been Found On Mars So Far


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  1. I'm willing to die on the surface of Moon, Mars, Or even Venus for scientist research and experiment purpose.
    because my Brain is not capable to contributing to the world for better humanity.

  2. In million years mars was lived creatures when dinosaurs was got died from asteroids mars the storm killed these creatures
    Lived creatures: giant crab gorilla reptile humanoid alien shark head
    Items: face the sword golden object

  3. Before we get too caught up in the gee whiz space thing. How long has it been since a cure for a disease has been found? What about the genome that was mapped, any cures, anything. How about dropping a few billion $ of space rock money to help find a cure for cancer!

  4. The object as imaged moves through sn interesting half-twist like an algebraic solid. I am am not addressing how, why, or what, but in some comparative perception it may tell the time, rockrd or even forecast wind and weather. This does not have to be the product of a sophisticated ‘alien’ civilisation, to function as I have suggested, but what I might call inert pseudo-biomes that are shaped in concert with some sort of semi-conscious or geometric non living in the biological sense, ecostems, global or locally confined. They would have to reflect a long period of consistency in temperature, air movements, chemical effects and the cycle of the season. You may have discovered one of but certainly not unique mini geological surface phenomena that can grant a quasi mathematical insight into the biome, conscious or not, of interconnect phenomena on the whole Martian globe. Perhaps it can predict (climatic) events, and if understood. Fully record past or ongoing events. Look out for more of this sort of thing and carefully orientate it or them, should there be more, in terms of geological position, exposure, elevation. In the lower left of the picture there is a vaguely conical object which looks like it might have broken off a similar sort of object or ‘Galen’ device.

  5. Can’t they find the other rover on mars and use the helicopter to blow the dust off its solar panels so it can charge up again and move it to a place where I could be serviced by the newer rover, instead of leaving as mars junk ?

  6. I'm still pissed that the first "helicopter" flight on Mars was not the distance the first Wright Brothers successful flight, or as close to it as they could. They thought of sending a stamp sized patch from that airplane…. What were they thinking…

  7. The NASA budget is a very small % of the US budget and one of the few things where the returns are so amazing. It would be nice to stop funding things like the sex habits of quails on cocaine for NASA. Tesla's Starlink is a joint Tesla/NASA venture to fund the people to Mars mission.

  8. There was a cave air sealed on earth for 5 million years. There was life and unique animals in there that had no outside influences until it was stumbled upon by miners. What if there is a similar cave on mars? Full of martian life and water protected from the brutal surface above. Probably not but it’s a fun idea though!

  9. Nobody gives a shit, because everyone who has a mind to think, knows their not showing humans the real shit they have discovered. Jut saying. humans are not stupid. Oh and YES humans CAN handle the TRUTH. the WHOLE TRUTH. Humans want to the the whole truth. Stop airbrushin pictures out, and archiving the real photos.