Gravitas LIVE | Big pharma is blocking patent waivers | Palki Sharma Upadhyay | WION News

Gravitas LIVE | Big pharma is blocking patent waivers | Palki Sharma Upadhyay | WION News

Watch your favourite show Gravitas with Palki Sharma Upadhyay live.

– Big Pharma is blocking patent waivers
– Israel-Palestine Clash
– Pentagon’s secret Army
– India’s Missteps in Iran
– Viral ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ videos to be auctioned

#Gravitas #PatientWaivers #IsraelPalestineConflict

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  1. "Fair and Lovely" a product from Unilever company. This British company is disguised as "Hindustan Unilever" in India. It continues to loot India long after British Raj is over!

  2. I think it is hypocrite for India and South Africa to want to be given the patent rights because they will not be giving these vaccines for free. Take a look at how they have been selling the free donations they have gotten from the western world.

  3. Instead of a long 53 minutes episode, request you to present in small posts as per their headlines. Not more than 10 to 15 minute episodes are very much acceptable as we can watch it regularly. We lose patience and can only spare 10 – 15 time episodes in the gap of our routine jobs. Pl think on it.

  4. No … if the drug companies used their money, facilities and expertise to develop this for the rest of us, they deserve their reward.. Imagine if the patent waver had been declared BEFORE development started and the companies had said 'no, we can't be bothered developing a vaccine for no return'. Maybe the big mouthed politicians and media should have developed it for no reward.

  5. There will NEVER be a 2 state solution with the Governments. The people would do it but NOT the Governments. Palestine will disappear. Israel will not STOP!!!!! Pray for all the People.

  6. Meghen isn't racist against white wieners. Bahahahahahahahhahaha!!!!! The report on her is bunk. Some white skin products are for old peoples with brown spots. Get REAL!!!!

  7. Can we butcott all these big pharma in mass, to teach them Customer is King.. these shameless thugs do nothing but keep looting people.. shame on such blood sucking vampires

  8. We need news like this not the communist CCP far left news we have in America with our Non patriot media and social groups that hate everything good and endorse violence crime looting burning and a get out of jail card free. Palki is very good reporter WION is better than all our news groups combined. But even WION has made a few errors unlike American news 98% errors 2% truth.

  9. शराब बंदी पर भी कुछ करिये। जहरीली शराब पीने से जब लोग मर जाते हैं, तब बहस हो जाती है, पर शराब बंदी पर कोई ध्यान नहीं देता। शायद सभी के शराब के नशे की खुमारी और राजस्व का लालच उन्हें कुछ करने नहीं देता

  10. Take alook at the CDC website many people will not as its too
    complicated, but it shows the number of deaths the and adverse
    reations. ie: neurological problems, cognitive and physicsal reactions
    to the vaccines. Not enough time has passed to see the long term
    effects. They are not supplying people with enough knowledge about this
    to make an informed choice. There have been discussions on the
    alternative Ivermectin from top proffessionals showing the efficacy of
    this in stopping people from getting Covid, recovery rate when they have
    the virus and serious hospitalised cases also recovering. This has just
    been submitted to top medical councel in USA. Clinical trials have been
    conducted with great success, but they keep touting the vaccine as the
    be all and end all. They are also not informing people of studies done
    on Vitamin D3 zinc and quercitin, NAC vitamin C and Neem which is the
    herbal alternative to Ivermectin as they do not give it to you from the
    gps in the UK. Build your immune system up!

  11. ​@UCbScdHrlAnfkczyDlV9Y_lw The US Government will find the best of the best and develop a vaccine that fixes the pikes on the virus to be strengthened that the spikes don't break so easily, and will slow the virus effect more over time with less intensity, I believe the virus spikes are weakened to give a sever reaction when the immune system reacts. This can be integrated with the vaccine perhaps. This will reduce deaths by preventing clotting caused by the virus and Immune system Proxy Wars.

  12. My Opinion Is That When The Right People Are Together, Have Finally Found Each Other, Then They Will Stay Together, If they live together, they share their Spirits with each other, they have each other to worry about. Do not infringe on them.

  13. Bakwas aurate every news I are associating to Uighur Muslim and Chinese project shame on u and your media try to be a fair journalist my friend god will punish u I promise

  14. Why are you NOT using Hydroxychloroquine? Your country is the 3rd largest pharma manufacturer in the world of this medicine used and cured Trump. You can tel Big Pharma to take a hike.

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