COVAX: G20 leaders to back voluntary vaccine licensing | DW News

COVAX: G20 leaders to back voluntary vaccine licensing | DW News

Leaders of twenty major industrial and emerging countries are holding a health summit aimed at boosting access to coronavirus vaccines. They’re expected to recommend more voluntary licensing of vaccine production.
At present, it’s only a handful of companies and their partners that are allowed to make the jabs. It’s a fundamental principle of intellectual property law but – critics say- it’s costing lives. South Africa and India have led calls for patents to be waived. More than 100 countries – including the US, agree. But Germany rejected the proposal, saying it would hinder innovation.
What are the arguments for and against? Those in favour say suspending patents would save lives and help economies re-open. They say pharma companies have benefited from government investment. The critics say patent waivers would hamper innovation, and slow any response to a future pandemic. They say production capacity is the real issue and point out that some pharma companies are already selling their vaccines to poorer countries at cost.


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  1. Voluntary licensing is a great compromise. The main companies can still make a cut from the final product produced on other sites. The issue now is if there are enough companies who have the ability to manufacture as well as control the quality of the vaccines.

    Even if this was agreed yesterday, it will still be months at least before those new sites start rolling out the vaccines

  2. India has the capacity to manufacture.. vaccines for world..india is struggling right now because of covid..but the only country who can manufacture at large scale is India.. India has a big population to serve..patents needs to be removed…so that India can manufacture for entire world…but Germany just wants to make profit…remember..germany..nobody is safe until and unless everyone is safe

  3. Since the mRNA technology behind the leading vaccines can be used to create medicines for other purposes, it would be very helpful for other companies/countries if the patents were dropped. For the innovators who developed the technologies they of course don't want to loose the exclusive right to develop more treatments for other diseases.

  4. Hasn't US Pfizer hiked its prices on future orders of its vaccine for the EU, raising the cost by more than 60%, to $23 per dose (moderna is $18)?
    But the cost for AstraZeneca is only $2.15 and the cost for Sputnik V is $10.

    The Russian vaccine Sputnik V has not yet been approved by the EU. However, that did not prevent Germans having the Russian vaccine injected – out of frustration at the slow progress in vaccination in the EU.
    “The Lancet” certifies that the level of protection of the vaccine is 91.6 %.

    Chinese vaccine cuts risk of COVID-19 symptoms in Indonesian health workers by 94%.
    It’s effective against the Indian variant and can quickly cope with new ones.

  5. DW does not ask the key question: is it ethical and moral to keep life saving vaccine technology for your self while in the mean time others are dyeing. Slow distraction like "we need to invest in Africa" is smoke screen politics to keep the Euro's flowing in the pockets of European company's.

  6. Cant you see how useless all of this is? Just like the flu, millions get vaccinated and still get sick. You cant beat nature and this vaccine is just a power play by the government using public health as their "good cause" guise. Skip the BS, skip the experimental drugs and keep your freedom the alternative is unimaginable.

  7. Here is a protest by a former voter of President Jair Bolsonaro … the good people of Brazil are sorry to vote for him, as they are neglecting vaccines, masks and lookdown, governors act alone because the federal government does not have a national planning to combat the C-19, the vaccine purchasing initiatives came from the governors, in addition to the federal government not caring about the health of the good Brazilians, they are not caring about the AMAZON …. Ricardo Salles minister of the environment is in sight POLICE FEDERAL. He spent the whole time exporting wood from the AMAZON, he Salles facilitated DEFORESTATION !!!! THEY ARE THREATENING TO JAGUAR PANTHERA SHE IS IN THE EXTINCTION SIGHT … IMPEACHMENT NOW

  8. In reality, money is what human is after. I wouldn’t want to work for free. All great products and innovation are the results of hard work toward financial rewards.

  9. Germany was always on the side of not sharing and letting the rest die. No news for me.. just open the patents. They already made billions. And there will be more vaccines to be researched. Like covid 22 etc

  10. Licensing will affect "the quality" of the vaccine the Gates Gang says, ….maybe the gang does not want all to know what all the ingredients are, because then their genocide game will be exposed.

  11. India has repeatedly been offered Pfizer at cost and instead of accepting this offer they have created unnecessary hoops to jump through. India is also at fault by sending Vaccines abroad instead of vaccinating there population, and allowing elections & mass religious gatherings.

  12. Vaccines are successfully developed through Socialism (public subsidy alone is responsible for their discovery), and unsuccessfully distributed through capitalism. The world can do better.

  13. US: we are done hoarding vaccines and our vaccine makers had profits through the roofs, so we are ready to disrupt the international markets. Our main targets of course are Russia and China. Germany is just a collateral damage.

    Meanwhile DW editor: let’s highlight BionTech even though it’s a junior partner to Pfizer and let’s leave out the Chinese vaccines out of the thumbnail altogether, coz we are sour and we have an agenda

  14. Its a false statement to make that "competition" makes a product better. Dont get me wrong, the idea that it should make it better is great aince you want your product to be better than your opponent right? But what we expect to happen is just not the reality we acturally live in.. when it comes to competition we are acturally seeing more products changing the race from being a race about 'having the superior product' into 'this is made with the cheepest materials ever and thus cheeper'. For alot of products this incentive structure is acturally.. good! Such as cosmetics and looks, but when it comes to things like vaccines.. cars.. tools.. and other rather important and more practical products it becomes quite counterintuitive. The producers of these products will eventually add/remove/mix certain elements that at crucial just in order to lessen the cost of production at the cost of a possible fault to the product, its acturally a chance they are willing to make as they can just change the product after IF it was figured out that it had faults, but if it wasnt figured out they had just compromised their product for monetary gain. With alot of competition you can immagine that more windmills will break down early just for the "attempt" to make it cheeper and you will perhaps see planes crash in the "attempt" to make it cheeper, see what im getting at?

  15. Infecting yourself with a "watered-down" version of the mRNA Covid virus in the hope to protect yourself from getting infected is the logic of an insane mind. Infecting your own body then hoping "it" will make a vaccine to protect you from the virus you infected it with is INSANE.

    2500 years ago the Buddha said: "They think they can use suffering (infection) to heal suffering (infection)". You can't.

    Believe the enlightened Buddha and not a drug pushing company. The only "vaccine" is coming from your own body because you infected it with mRNA Covid. That really is insane. Wake up!

    Don't let them infect you.

    Peace be with you.

  16. Really Germany ?!?!? I bet Germany would support "open patent" approach if only non German companies held the patent. If critics say quality of medicine would go down by opening patent then concept of generic drug shouldn't exist right ?! Truth – Selfish economy trumps humanity….as always.

  17. Without huge monetary incentives we wouldn’t have current vaccines, next Pandemic who want to make vaccines if at the end it will be free for all?

  18. A video news all about Bison poop. Because any real biologist knows that it takes at least 3 years to come up with: 1 billion doses of a new vaccine. Plus the virus isn't called Sacov-2, its the cocktail of the anti-covid vaccine that is called Sascov-2. The only 5 countries that had the original Sascov-1 vaccine sample since the late 1970's, are from the Sadc. Not the Germans nor anyone else. If those same five countries more recently developed the Sascov-2 from the Sascov-1 vaccine; then its gonna take at least 5 years to generate enough doses to vaccinate just half the worlds Human population. If you actually want to get vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus; than you should go to a Sadc country. Anywhere else you'll just get the usual regional type of vaccine, dishonestly labeled as anti-covid. Still… A regional types mass vaccination, are necessary from time to time, to keep things civilized and combat the exaggeration of dishonesty.

  19. I have have my families share of Big Pharma "control potion", and Im sure about 4 Billion others would gladly let you keep their shares as well. WHO, GAVI, CDC, FDA, WEF, IMF, BMGF, and the rest of the "experts" might be able to store all of our UNWANTED "liquid lobotomy" doses up their a$$. Probably a decent amount of room up there ey sskumbags?

  20. The NON PROFIT AZ OXFORD has been rolling out for over a year now…. the root of EU sour grapes. The German vaccine is shamefully profiteering from the wealthy with the help of US Big Pharma and failing to make inroads globally.

  21. Talking months to coming on line when states in the USA are offering free lottery tickets, cash payments and fast food vouchers to encourage people to take the vaccine that is freely available but for political and religious reasons a large number of people refuse to be vaccinated. Reportedly, there's even a topless nightclub in Las Vegas is offering vaccines. Meanwhile, in a country like Indonesia that has drug manufacturing capacity, the date for vaccination of the general public has been pushed back a full month, meanwhile, the more contagious variants have been introduced as the nation desperately wants open up and accommodate tourists from China and Western countries through a bubble scheme that sounds great on paper but without vaccines for the general public will likely be disastrous. But people must eat to survive, so thanks if you can send some vaccine or at least some free cheeseburgers.

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