China moves to three-child policy | DW News

China moves to three-child policy | DW News

China needs more children. The latest census shows a steep decline in birth rates. For decades couples were allowed just one child. In 2016 the limit was raised to two. In the future couples can have up to three children. But many – especially in large cities like Shanghai – can’t afford to raise several kids, so there’s skepticism about the new policy.


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  1. Why 1.3 children per woman?
    Because 8% people can have as many children as they want, they are ethic minorities. While Han people only 1 child allowed.

  2. Interesting how China has released this virus that murders the old and the unhealthy then releases a 3 child policy, China has done this on purpose and should be punished for it!!

  3. China needs more children but China doesnt love them back once they become adults. I have read the stress of Chinese millenials/zillenials nowadays. There is no more work-life balance.

  4. This is why they created the Covid 19 so they could get rid of their weak and elderly sacrificing anyone else so they could start having g more kids to brainwash.

  5. Do you realize there are far too many awful people all over the world these days. Economics have destroyed humanity. Unfriendly, unhelpful, crude, rude, cheats, prone to violence, some are extremely cruel, immoral, money-faced, self-interested. Very few good hearted genuine people around.
    Is this the result of decades old education policies geared towards money making accumulation of personal wealth, and poorly planned population control policies to contribute to the so-called economic well being of the countries that actually benefit immensely and to continuously top up the insatiable greed of the ruling few sitting at the top. It is all too glaring there is inequitable distribution of wealth all over the world. Wrong policies have destroyed the wholesomeness of family life taking with it the joy of living and making people becoming insensitive cold hearted zombies.

  6. China is breeding their army. They'll be invading the world in 2 decades.
    Right now they do not have enough young men to go to war. Furthermore, they currently have only-sons only. So, no one is willing to go to war either.

  7. First they decreased population of world with corona @t they want to increase their population in world.This is game and innocent people died .Stop Chinese…ccp

  8. When a married woman leaves the home and goes out to work full time, because of the need to help her husband who do not earn enough to support the family, or of her own choosing to indulge in the so-called “liberated” lifestyle of modern (whatever that means) woman, hence neglecting the operation of the sacred home, therein lies the biggest mistake ever made, and the disastrous results we are witnessing today all over the world ie the rise of negative social issues and immortality. A full time mother-based families is the guarantee to contribute to a balanced peaceful nation.

  9. China is not the only country struggling with work-life balance issues. It is an issue of a fast pace growing economy, not an exclusive feature of a communist regime.

  10. My little girl never get a China residency registration because she is my second child, unless we pay a huge fine which we can't afford. Now China opens to 3-children policy. We still can't get the residency registration for her because she's born before 2021. How hilarious!

  11. I still don’t understand why on earth they place ANY limits on how many children a couple/woman has. Why not just let people have as many kids as they want and provide support, if they want them to have more? Some people want NO children so it would balance out better.

  12. Big families with enough to eat are happy families.
    Do not limit the numbers of children.
    Educate women to the highest level.
    Teach them the methods of natural family planning and the number of children they are comfortable with.
    Do not meddle with nature like sterilization etc..
    When she marries, let her decide.
    Foremost is to encourage her role as Queen and Manager of the household full time.
    Womanly instincts are inclined towards the home.
    A strong family equals a strong nation equals a happy nation.

  13. The day the married woman steps out of her house to work full time, hence abandoning her natural full time role and responsibility as the manager of her home i.e. to look after the husband and children and parents, that will go down as the biggest mistake in this modern age. To elaborate on the negative consequences will run into thousand of pages. A well run home equals a strong happy family contributing to a strong nation. All the huge natural goodness has been pushed aside because of the economic policies of few unthinking self-serving greedy people with obviously zero wisdom seated at the top. The overall results, varying from country to country, measuring the social, overall economics, moral, and mental health and well being of the people over the decades speak for itself.
    When the married woman leaves the home to work full time, that’s the beginning and cause of trouble.
    Meddling with any natural law invites only problems.
    Population control and economics must be visualised and carefully planned around the sacrosanct family and upholding the sacred natural values.
    A wholesome happy family is the key to stability, peace and happiness.

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