Who is behind the malicious campaign to drive misinformation on BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine? | DW News

Who is behind the malicious campaign to drive misinformation on BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine? | DW News

One coordinated campaign appears to have targeted the BioNTech Pfizer vaccine, by offering payment to social media influencers who are willing to spread misinformation. Who’s behind this smear campaign?

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  1. Didn’t AZ producer came out with a report claiming the number of deaths as a result of Pfizer vaccine was twice of Astra Zeneca? Just week back or so? I was getting a Pfizer jab the day after! Must confess, I wasn’t very happy about that report.

  2. I believe DW's claims but they don't show those YouTubers say anything questionable nor did DW share the names of their YouTube channels. If DW is going to warn people about misinformation, at least do it properly.

  3. I mean since everything done by Russians, then well done to them !!! This shows how weak the whole has become and how strong Russia turned out to be 🙂 !!!

  4. Taiwan’s semiconductor chip industry chain has been affected by the variant virus Covid19, and some possible shutdowns will severely affect the collapse of the world economy. The world’s industries will stop. The United States must act as quickly as possible and urgently provide enough vaccines to Taiwan to avoid it. The current global economic and industrial crisis has affected the world's industrial production capacity and economic market momentum.

  5. If coronaviruses are dramatizied, if honest people have to remind dumb people by wearing masks (to often), if the circumstances are getting changed every few days, then this gets some speculation or suspicion running. I don't consider coronaviruses as one of the fifteen main problems or work zones. And i'm not keen on becoming a consumistic object that shall get the third "vaccination" shot. "Old" vaccinations had a broader spectrum while influenting more natural. "mRNA cannulas" were designed in a to quick way, at least to my opinion, thinning the classic vaccines reputation in some way. The computer spits out some wacky wussy aspects of what could be considered as wrong. Stay in the computer, cyber phantom

  6. 2020 US Exxon mobile build 10billion $ ethylene chemistry plant in southern China,hui zhou city. Pls save lung &air. don’t want to die of toxic air… lung cancer,same as Floyd: can’t breathe –

  7. This is such an important talking point. It's a pity Daniel Laufer isn't conducting this interview in his first language. His English is great, but just not good enough for him to truly drive the message home. At 5:46 he sounds like someone who is talking to a child ("things that are wrong opinions") . I would love to listen to an English translation of his argument in his native German. All the same, thanks for this segment, DW.

  8. there is too much bias, western media defends this pfizer vaccine alot….even if there were complaints out there on this vaccine they are quickly washed out. but in reality the mRNA technology used in developing the pfizer is responsible for the virus mutation, because both the virus and body immune system are being taught how to suppress the other.

  9. All real medicins and vaccines have an effect and some rare side effects. If it has no effects it's called homeopathy. I took my chances with the vaccine, that has not spread and killed millions yet.

  10. Mr Wissen to go, the German YouTube, is such a good soul. He is thoughtful, respectful, intelligent, doing a looot of research and he is still down to earth and extremely nice!!! ❤️

  11. It’s China. China doesn’t want the west to get vaccinated so it will appear that the west is not as successful as China. I’m Chinese, I know how they think.

  12. How about VAERS? Have you looked at VAERS? Maybe they are behind this diabolical campaign?
    VAERS then compounded their misinfornation by announcing that their numbers are only a tiny fraction of what is out there.
    So there's your culprit!

  13. Who has been spreading news about AZ….it was US.
    Now it is AZ hitting back. It is not Russia. Russian vaccines is the best in the world
    Another anti Russia. Hacking…no.1 is US.

  14. well… its not the problem about missinformation in social media, but people taking things from social media for real, without even thinking about it xD

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