Sinking chemicals cargo ship turns into environmental disaster for Sri Lanka | DW News

Sinking chemicals cargo ship turns into environmental disaster for Sri Lanka | DW News

A fire-stricken container ship that has already caused Sri Lanka’s worst-ever maritime environmental disaster, was sinking fast on Wednesday, with nearly 1,500 containers and 25 tons of nitric acid on board, plus oil in its tanks. Water submerged the MV X-Press Pearl’s quarterdeck a day after firefighters extinguished a blaze that had been burning for almost two weeks.

Assisted by the Sri Lankan Navy, Dutch salvage firm SMIT was trying to tow the ship farther out to sea because if it sank at its current location off the port of Colombo, it would cause an even greater environmental problem, navy spokesperson Indika de Silva said.

As a precautionary measure, authorities reimposed a fishing ban along 80 kilometers (50 miles) of the coastal area. The fire erupted on May 20 when the MV X-Press Pearl was anchored about 9.5 nautical miles northwest of Colombo, awaiting to enter the port. The navy believes the blaze was caused by the chemicals on board the Singapore-registered boat.


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  1. Registered in Sg but fretted from China and because china tricked sri lanka into signing away rights to use the port for nearly 100 years . they will never waste time with this.

  2. In these cases i don't find it sufficient that the companies responsible get away with a pat on the wrist, a fine they pay and go on their buisness as nothing happened.
    Not only should they take care and/or pay of/for the clean up and the people who lost their income, afterwards they need to be watched carefully to make sure they changed their ways. If that would not be the case, then shut them down complettly. Tbh i would go even further and shut them down at once.

    Harbours world wide also need stricter restrictions to what crafts are allowed to be loaded with goods of dangerous nature. We need to stop having a blind eye on this, otherwise that little which is left of prestine nature is gone for good in no time.

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  4. Xpress feeeder shipping line agent head in Sri Lanka – ARJUNA HETTIARACHCHI….. and several high up government officials are the culprits responsible

  5. So the Nitric Acid leakage was discovered 3 weeks prior. They asked permission to discharge the contents in Qatar but was denied.

    Then they asked permission to discharge in India, but was also denied.

    What are the protocols here, what happened to safety of life at sea? They tried to fix the problem, but was denied at every turn.

  6. There needs to be political cooperation on a wider scale to effectively deal with disasters of this magnitude. Obviously, this will not be the last and it is not sustainable for neighbouring countries not to take an active role as it will have an ecological affect stretching wide and far. International trade has an obligation to factor in multilateral decisions-making policies to use technologies to scoop up oil and other hazardous materials damaging local fishing industries. There needs to be more proactive thinking and solution to tackle disasters.

  7. Sri Lankan fire department is not equiped to deal with such fires. instead of water, they should use Foam. dry powder or CO2 Gas. This is the first time for Sri Lanka and this is an eye opener for the SLPA to train and equip with proper vessels to deal with such fires.

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