Nigeria's government suspends Twitter 'indefinitely' | DW News

Nigeria's government suspends Twitter 'indefinitely' | DW News

Nigeria’s government says it’s suspending Twitter indefinitely, after the company deleted a controversial tweet from the country’s president, Muhammadu Buhari.
The social media platform removed Buhari’s post from, saying it violated the site’s rules against abusive behavior. In the tweet, Buhari threatened to punish members of a secessionist movement in the country’s southeast. Nigeria’s information ministry accused Twitter of double standards – in ignoring violent messages from a separatist leader.
The country’s information minister Lai Mohammed questioned twitter’s actions labeling them as ‘very suspect.’


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  1. Nigerians must use alternative platforms. The government is cleansing the country of Twitter and we must support this government.

  2. Guess What? Buhari is not Donald Trump and Nigeria is not the same as America. Twitter is not even allowed in China, so This will teach Twitter to thread carefully in careful respect to other people's culture when they operate abroad! I support the President in this case though. Twitter is becoming TOO big for their boots. A president has as much right to his comments just like any other twitter user! Is twitter banning everyone employing twitter for bullying/ abuse? No. They are going after big names just to make a name for themselves and thats wrong.

  3. Doped up Dorsey seems to think he is the unelected ruler of the world. The US needs to do the right thing and enforce anti trust laws and break these companies up.

  4. Remember, Twitter is a advertising media. Social communication is a second priority. Twitter makes billions of dollar on ads, so they have the most to loose with this action.

  5. Well done Nigeria!
    Twitter: I gonna delete every account I disagree
    Twitter: if u ban me because I m not agree with u there is no democracy

    I suggest to change the name in nigeria from Twitter to Quitter….

  6. Twitter is an awful cesspit and very biased and hard-left leaning.

    But they pick and choose from their own rules as a Marxists Lecturer called Noam Chomsky once famously stated ..

    "If you are in favour of freedom of speech then you're in favour of views that you don't like. If you are not then you are not in favour of freedom of speech"

    Too many big tech companies seem to think they run the world and everyone has to agree with them and their political leanings.

    Not only is this morally wrong but their actions are more likely to make the situation worse.

    I'm always pointing this out to the hard-left and each time their actions cause harm or even death they never accept responsibility and will always blame someone else.

    Stated months ago there will be more of this banning of Twitter and it's not going to stop here.

    There will come a time when Twitter's actions will cause a major event of unrest and of course they will blame everyone else but themselves.

  7. Many well thinking Nigerians are sick and tired of the excesses of Twitter.

    1. Twitter has become the un-appointed, un-elected, and the defacto opposition government in many countries around the world today Nigeria included. They completely ignore cultural differences and try to shove their personal opinions down everyone's throat.

    2. Censorship is new in Nigeria and was introduced by Twitter. Before Twitter Nigerians had true freedom of expression but didn't appreciate it then. Kindly visit some of Nigeria's newspapers online platform's comments section and see how freely and strongly people express their views without being censored. Please see for yourselves.

    3. There's another side yes a very negative side to the protests turned riots that Twitter helps organise. Simply put, it's the innocent hardworking masses that suffers. Lives and properties are lost. Guess things like these are what actually drives Twitter's profits and growth. Business must be really good for them.

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