Turkey scrambles to stop slimy 'sea snot' in coastal waters | DW News

Turkey scrambles to stop slimy 'sea snot' in coastal waters | DW News

Turkey is struggling to stop the spread of a slimy substance accumulating in its seas. The outbreak of the naturally-occurring mucus-like matter is the biggest on record. And if left untreated, experts warn the sludge could soon coat large parts of Turkey’s coastal waters.
Thick, oozing, soupy slime is covering the coast of the Sea of Marmara near Istanbul.
Biologists call it marine mucilage – others dub it ‘sea snot.’
It’s source, organisms feeding on human waste in the warming water, is equally icky.
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has promised to clean up the gunk.
Officials have been ordered to inspect waste water facilities to find sources of pollution.
The substance extends deep below the surface, suffocating sea life.
For fisherman, the filth is fouling their boats, and killing their catch.
It’s not the first time the sludge has appeared, but this year’s outbreak is unprecedented.
Turkish opposition politicians want tougher penalties on pollution, and climate change mitigation measures.
Biologists say humans must cease flushing their waste into the sea, if they want to stop the snot.

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  1. I was in Turkey 7 years ago and was shocked with the water pollution. Both bikinis were ruined with oil spillage on a beach. Our kayak got stock in that snot. It was 7 years ago. Turkish people were turning blind eye till it's too late.

  2. Some Erdogan's problem. It continues to sell its treatment and waste water facilities to subsidiary companies, and the facilities are either closed after a while or demolished due to its location and opened for construction instead. In the same way, they make construction by selling them to subsidiary companies. The fate of hundreds of closed factories. The day will come when they will be judged.

  3. In Gaeilge (Irish), the word for Jellyfish is 'Smugairle Róin' (pron. smugerla rone) which literally translates to 'Seal snot'.
    So when I saw the title, I was thinking 'Leave the jellyfish alone!'

  4. The problem isn't the "naturally-occurring mucus-like matter" that is produced by organisms consuming human waste present in the waterways, it's the human waste and human's who disregard the environment and the wellbeing of others. The organisms are just doing what they're made to do and that's a good thing.

  5. Most coastal cities are run by opposition party municipalities who dump their waste directly into the sea without treatment. CHP party even blocked building of water treatment facilities initiated by AKP party, citing they were too expensive and not necessary.

  6. Mind you it's the opposition who stopped the construction of a large advanced biologic water treatment plant in Silahtaraga Istanbul saying that there was no need for such a plant, the opposition is in no situation to demand anything for a thing they're largely responsible for. Stop making up stories DW.

  7. The President of Turkey, CB, officially chooses the state officials at the head of important institutions according to his own mind. There is no justice in the country. The system needs to be completely changed. As Generation Z, we want the president to change, because if the president changes, the heads of all important institutions will also change, and injustice will disappear. This bad situation is the fault of the state!! They didn't care about nature, they didn't punish the factories just to make more money. They now is trying to cover up their mistakes and still doesn'ts do it properly, and they is also lying to the public. you don't Forget ! Turkish youth are tired of this administration, everyone wants to live abroad. Why ? because the country is in a mess 🙁

  8. Ekrem İmamoğlu the mayor of istanbul (and were selected from the opposite political party than Erdogan's) is the reason for this desaster. Before Ekrem İmamoğlu we didn't have such problems . He does not use water purification systems and ruins Istanbul in every aspect.

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