Why is Hungary taking sides with China rather than with the EU and NATO? | DW News

Why is Hungary taking sides with China rather than with the EU and NATO? | DW News

After China enacted a new security law that tightened its control over Hong Kong, the EU wanted to make a statement expressing its concern over the erosion of human rights. That statement was never made. Hungary put in a veto.

Hungary has been defying consensus and using its veto card in the EU partly because it wants to increase its economic ties with China. And to do that, it needs to align itself politically with China.

Hungary is both an EU and NATO member. But since Orban took office in 2010, he’s been openly pursuing an “Eastern Opening strategy” in the hopes of attracting Chinese investment.

The coronavirus pandemic has moved this strategy forward. At the beginning of the pandemic Prime Minister Viktor Orban himself inspected tons of supplies that had arrived at the Budapest airport from China — ventilators, protective gear and more.

In the latest move toward China, Hungary’s foreign minister announced the country would begin to produce China’s Sinopharm in 2022. Hungary is also the only country in the EU to inoculate its citizens with the Chinese COVID-19 vaccine.

The implications of Hungary turning to China are concerning for the EU, especially for NATO security. A detailed report by Hungarian investigative outlet “Direkt36” documented how the country’s “Eastern Opening” policy creates a friendly environment for Chinese intelligence. In short: making Budapest a spy hub.

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  1. Play a democracy,,human rights games on Hong Kong that’s USA is trying to stop China rising, trouble is never happening,China is stronger than you thought, and strongly enough to pushing back..

  2. Full of biases.
    The first example you put is the ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian. You put it at first, because more western people know it. But it is irrelavant with China!China also approves ceasefire.

    You want to create an illusion that all depends China. Only this one point can prove you are unfair.

  3. Issue with Hong Kong has been politicised by western world and you are doing more harm than good.. The main driver for this pursue is no other than for your own benefits.

  4. Is the situation in Hong Kong really about the extradition law? These are young people, mostly students. From everything I've seen Hong Kong has become too expensive for them. I see stories of people being forced to rent rooms which are only 2 square meters because real estate is so expensive. It looks to me like much of the anger the students are expressing is a result of the capitalist structure of Hong Kong which leaves the poor to their own devices. Western countries are simply exploiting the frustration our system has produced.

  5. EU, a defender of human right? What a joke! Fanny Facsar set a perfect example of how a shameless hypocrite would feel the amount of self-righteousness to its fullest scale. You forget EU/US did the most killing in history (colonization, slavery, killing aboriginals…), you forget Australia troops slaughtering Afghanstan boys, you forget the killing of civilians in Lybia, Iraq and Syril….

  6. I live in Hong Kong and I honestly object what you described about the protest. Just as what happened in the US, Hong Kong is also divided and people just won't comprise. The protesters even set fire on a man who opposed their ideas.

  7. The undertone of this opinion peace is the EU should contain China just like what the US is doing, in fear of losing to China in terms of innovation and development.

  8. EU is behaving like a psychotic…as if China is it's neighbour, n is going to conquer it soon.
    At least the American has a valid reason to be negative about China n opposes it..which is that it wants to remain d only world superpower.

  9. As a chinese it is normal to see west media talking this. but I would like to say country government will always choose the best for their party and their people. china and hungary is good friend because they clear know their position and benefits for own country.

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