"Europe must define joint position towards China" | DW News

"Europe must define joint position towards China" | DW News

The release of the latest Munich Security Report comes at an opportune moment. Opportune because US President Joe Biden is coming to Europe on his first foreign trip: He is set to attend the G7 summit in England, and then a NATO summit in Brussels where the leaders of the most world’s most powerful military alliance will gather, followed by a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva.

Against this backdrop of transatlantic diplomacy comes the Munich Security Conference’s latest security report, “Between States of Matter — Competition and Cooperation.”

The title describes the central dilemma of the 160-page report: Western democracies are being challenged, particularly by China. At the same time, the two sides need each other, not only as business partners, but also to confront major global challenges.

The authors call on Europe and North America to integrate like-minded partners in other parts of the world. Only once the scope of democratic cooperation is broadened more considerably, can they respond to competition from autocratic systems, the authors write.

But to do this, European nations must first work together, says Wolfgang Ischinger, the chairman of the Munich Security Conference. It is all the more important for the foreign policy of the future to maneuver between the poles of cooperation and competition or even of confrontation.

“Developing a relevant European foreign policy not only vis-a vis China and vis-a-vis Russia, but also of course vis-a-vis our transatlantic partners is, in my view, the absolute essential necessity of the day going forward,” Ischinger said.

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  1. China and Eu all believe in the globalized advancement of whole human kind and the wellfare redistribution of social wealth while Usa doesn't. and we are on the right side because globalization without the redistribution is just unsustainable. that is the root of all troubles.

  2. We all knew its only America has problems with China because they will be overtaken economically and technologically. And also what do you mean China comes out into hiding? Do non white countries must be always behind and act like a dog to western countries? We know time will come India will get the same treatment in the future as they are still so called "hiding"

  3. Even now you guys are still too ignorant and naive to ask such silly questions
    Asking yourselves what is the most important in the capitalist would can help you define such relations extremely easily
    In a capialist world where only material values matter or are interested in , and the standard foundation for everyone to base themselves on to evaluate everything , and all other values are merely symbolic brand-names to wrap around or disguise real self-interests to serve oneself

  4. For nearly two thousands years, we Chinese had been doing business with Europeans, Arabeans, Indians, through silk road and ocean silk road. By the way, the silk road was named by Richthofen,Ferdinand vo, a German scholar in 19 century. China enjoyed prosperity and was the richest coutry for very long period of time , thanks to these trades based on the free will of every paticipants. the happy hour ended when the Anglo-Saxon acted against the rules and forced us to acept drugs by Opium war. Lessons learned from the history are as below First We Chinese believes in trade rather than war, because trade help to make money, while war wastes money. Second free choice and free will is the base for trade, rather than nations, religions and ideology. Third, Chinese and Europeans has done business for thousands years, why should we let warmongers tell us how to do business?

  5. If you don't follow USA, you will be santioned. remember North stream2? if you are week, you will be bombed, or waiting for regime change, colour revolution.

  6. US Exxon mobile build ethylene chemistry plant in southern China,hui zhou city. Pls save our lung,save our air. Cantonese don’t want to die of pollut toxic air… lung cancer

  7. Yes, the US always have a definitive plan on China i.e. China must not be better than the US and the US must continue to dominate the world. In the past, it was the Soviet Union then Japan and now it's China. In future it can be any country, including Germany.

  8. why authoritarian governement outside of Europe matters? do you european think you are god and can manupilate Chinese affairs?Chinese people's lives are getting better and better everyday, why should we listen to you guys to destroy a well running machine to just accept your ideological democracy concept? In germany you have your own domestiproblems instead of interfering other countries

  9. Up your game in good governance, that will put CPC's authoritarian influence into your country far far away.
    Less time attacking other country's governance model and more time on improving your own instead.
    If COVID haven't shown EU/US that I don't know what will.

  10. Decouple from China. There should never be partnership or cooperation with the CCP. They have devestatated the world economy through their non transparency and lies.

  11. China, russia Social capitalist governments will always need the world…..to support their financial stand points haha capitalistic governments haha they are corporations…..and need to sell and buy

  12. How good old fashioned boycotting….oops no more trade unionists to organize haha corporations fooled society into thinking trade unionists were not needed haha

  13. Haha no societal boycotting it's societies that are buckling to China and russia haha sheeples…will not even support their countries and the sovereignty haha

  14. The communist Chinese party does not see itself as an equal partner but as a historical underdog that now has a chance of regaining ancient asian empire authoritarian autocratic influence. European powers that are use to empire like influence in Asia- Pacific Region will find China increasingly flexing its interest in the Far East. Smaller regional Asian nations will find the CCP aggressive authoritarian and sometimes corrupt – the EU and Russia will find themselves competing for Global Market share against the Chinese Economy which is based on the USA 1970 economy – running almost in parallel to the US 2021 economy. If the PRC is offering bad trading deals … a global trader might just visit the ROC and see if a better deal can be had there… .hahahaaha

  15. Unlike Japan, China will become what you treat them as! If you treat China like an enemy, you get an enemy; if you treat China like a friend, you get a friend, it depends on your own choice!

  16. Each country has different ways of identification, different cultures and languages, but the main objective is the well-being of the whole society, human rights to be fulfilled. ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅

  17. Honestly, it sounds like a pathetic call for action. We need to align on a European level (I agree)… then we need to talk to our American "friends" (otherwise they will fine us for defining our own energy policies)…

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