Russian court designates Navalny organization as 'extremist network' | DW News

Russian court designates Navalny organization as 'extremist network' | DW News

The Moscow City Court on Wednesday decided to disband organizations linked to jailed Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny Wednesday. Moscow’s chief prosecutor had accused Navalny and his allies of attempting to destabilize Russia socially and politically.

It marks the latest move in a campaign to silence dissent and bar Kremlin critics from running for parliament in September. The court decision stops people associated with Navalny’s Foundation for Fighting Corruption and his sprawling regional network from seeking public office. Many of Navalny’s allies had hoped to run for parliamentary seats in the September 19 election.
By labeling Navalny’s network “extremist,” the Russian state is using a tactic previously used to dismantle certain far-right and Islamist groups within the country as well as the Jehovah’s witnesses. The move grants the Russian state formal power to jail activists and freeze their bank accounts.

In preparation for the ruling, his associates have broken up their organizations.


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  1. Recall that decades ago Bush asked in similar manner, before NATO strike, friend or enemy ! No neutral class. Russia is doing the same. What is different ?

  2. Navalny is a confirmed racist,that’s why Amnesty international have dropped their support for him,and removed him from the prisoner of conscience list..p.s.,Navalny makes David Duke seem reasonable

  3. All foreign funded agitators with an eye in a political career should have the same destiny.

    Navalty in power would mean Russia to be ruled by Washington.

    Congrats to the Russian leadership for nipping the evil from the bud.

    The Self Proclaimed Exceptional are well known for trusting puppets to power in nations all over the planet and must not be underestimated.

  4. A lot of US bots in here showing support for their CIA bank rolled Navalny. People need to wake up to the behaviour of the USA as they have been doing this to destabilise regions for decades. Just look at how well it has turned out for the people of those countries?

  5. Putin is encapsulated, a passenger, won't last much longer without a flex because universal sub-conscience shifts with innovation, time.
    The USA is an example, the country is uniting but wasn't intended.
    "With and Without" overrides "Us and Them" but they both feed each other.
    "Us and Them" can be wrangled by handling "With and Without" , but Putin uses "Us and Them" as a diversion to hijack the "With" from Russian people and leave them "Without".

  6. Putin's gotta go. If he and his crooked elites don't leave, toss them into the Volga. We'll have to see if they sink or swim. Democracy and dissent are immortal yet fragile.

  7. It's PUTIN or Nothin'…Russians have no choice, they have to obey till he dies. Anybody or Extremists (according to Russia's supreme Court) that tries any funny move gets the poison, exterminated on the streets or jail time.
    Drink your daily vodka dose, hail the Emperor PUTINSKI and your safety is guaranteed, plus your daily vodka dose will never run dry

  8. Voicing democratic values is fine but you can't accept US money at the same time, that is blatant foreign interference no matter where you are in Russia, China or USA!

  9. Jehovah's Witnesses never used violence or did anything wrong for all this..totally a violation of freedoms of religion!! Persecuting them because you dont agree with them is wrong.

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