The Catholic Church: Power and abuse of power? | To The Point

The Catholic Church: Power and abuse of power? | To The Point

The highly influential German Cardinal Reinhard Marx offered his resignation to Pope Francis, citing “the catastrophe of sexual abuse by church officials.”
However the Pope turned the offer down.
Meanwhile, shock and grief in Canada, after graves of indigenous children are discovered at a former Catholic-run school.
So we ask: The Catholic Church: Power and abuse of power?


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  1. There is a lot to change in this church, thies masses make people sleep, we need to finish with this repetition. Christ say not to repeat ourselve. The prises need to marry and be normal people but like in budish if you do not want to marry you do not want, The evangelish do much better, the prayer are much more intimwent.,

  2. It is recorded, immediately after WWII 1100 communists entered The Church guises of becoming a priest…. The intention behind this was to destroy the Church…

  3. Pay attention to the ball here, notice how the abuse scandal and the reforms necessary to prevent similar things from happening in the future, are equated with any and every other sort of reform in the church no matter how destructive and contradictory it is to her structure, mission, and magisterium, that’s a cool trick the modernists like to play, to act like we can only have transparency and accountability if we throw out everything that could be considered traditional, or antithetical to modern secular sensibilities.
    As if somehow “abuse cant be prevented without abolishing the Latin mass, democratizing the church, allowing women priests, suddenly being OK with gay marriage, suddenly being OK with abortion, and throwing out all of that silly Jesus stuff.”

  4. Hundreds of years now the Roman Catholic Church Organisation members – such as Priests an Nuns are abusing children- molestation, murders, rape , torturing and most of Slavery..Moreover the Roman Catholic CHURCH has lost its integrity and morals in good governance..The Pope should Repent and his CRIMINALS Priests and Nuns too..

  5. Jesus said "Beware of false prophets who come as wolves in sheep's clothing,… by their fruit you will know them". Fruit refers to moral outcomes.With as history of crusades, inquisitions etc.. what does that make the RCC? How do we know that sexual and other abuse has not gone on for many centuries? When the RCC wielded absolute power who would report its iniquities?

  6. This applies only to the US. If the majority of folks were attending church not necessarily catholic church but basically any church I believe there would be less crime in the US. Today murder, rape and mass shootings are almost a daily event. It is so bad now that life is practically worthless here. You are less likely to commit crime if you live a good life where prayer and church are part of it. I know it sounds old school but it has some real truth to it. Yrs ago I witnessed an exorcism. That showed me the power of prayer, the crucifix and how a priest could eradicate evil from the ghastliest human I ever encountered. I am not in any way a truly religious person but goes to church regularly. I think the missing element in the US is we don't live a holy life. We cannot control guns with the best legislation but we can try to improve each other by living a good life where each other matters. I didn't ever think I would propose such a solution but honestly how do we get out of this daily killing here in the US. We care more for our dogs than for each other. We are lost truly lost but there is always hope. That hope is by living a holier better loving life where we will think long and hard before we take another precious life. The US is now more dangerous than Afghanistan. It is just crazy and surreal.

  7. sad sad sad pope cannot change doctrine or dogma of faith and belief… what is needed is as the young woman says… german church cant change stuff either

  8. Every Catholic has a responsibility to hold their clergy to account, not just the pedophiles and abuser priest hierarchy, but every one who holds office. Jesus says their house remain desolate and their office given away. The Lord has NOTHInG to do with this church anymore.

  9. What the heck? Should the Church reform? Dude, of course it should. Every year, there is a new pedophilia from the Catholic Church, in Germany, Brazil, England and around the world. When is not that they are caught up in a corruption scandal, like in Angola. And when they are not abusing or stealing, they are getting involved in Italian politics, trying to prevent them from reinforcing woman and Lgbt protections. Honestly, the Church seems to be competing with FIFA to see which is the most despicable institution, and in my opinion it is winning.

  10. It is sad that the woman in this debate dont really acknowledge the weight of this issue. This abuses is tatooed in the church. Cruelty is encouraged in the bible, deuteronomy teaches to massacre an entire city, remember the crusade. Religion, the bible itself romanticize suffering, murder, discrimination, etc. That is a fact.

  11. You, as an intelligent human, can't ask a fallen organization to listen to the cries of those who became victims in the event. There isn't any higher organization, and wisdom dictated that one must leave the erroneous ways and the organization.

  12. I like what the gentleman on the right said: "I was abused because I was catholic." That's exactly right. If his parents were atheists as mine are, he most probably wouldn't ever be in a situation to be abused, certainly not by a priest. The church needs to reform or better yet, since it's peddling only BS on the best days anyway, it should disband, from the inside though.

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