Are the 'lollipop tests' innovating COVID-19 mass screening? | COVID-19 Special

Are the 'lollipop tests' innovating COVID-19 mass screening? | COVID-19 Special

Some German schools are trying to prevent the virus from spreading: Vaccines are one defense. But most kids are still waiting for the jab. They are at the back of the queue because they often don’t develop severe cases of the coronavirus. In the meantime, testing is critical. Some schools are now using the lollipop test, which sounds like fun. It means no long swabs up the nose, but still not all pupils are that enthusiastic about it.


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  1. Does anyone remember don’t take candy or lollipops from strangers in white vans for a reason this world system really is crazy leave these poor children alone.

  2. Go Germany! At least they are trying to make the kiddos save in a intelligent and easier way for them and for their parents. I hope the mask idea gets traction. What is Germany seen in regards to the HN INFLUENZA 10 from China? That will be a combine trouble at our doorstep since, we have no vaccine for it. Oh my Gosh those drawings! We need to do better for our kids.

  3. Did the teacher just put two or more swabs in the same tube? Good luck trying to figure out which student is infected, even if the swabs are labelled per student (cross-contamination).

  4. السلام عليكم انا امرأة من فلسطين/قطاع غزةلدي طفلين أيتام زوجي متوفي بتمنى مساعدة أطفالي لتوفير اساسيات الحياة للتواصل الواتساب مرفق بالصورة….

  5. What happened to the dogs that could smell the tests?

    A few months ago there were loads of new articles about dogs that could detect a positive result by just smelling a sample. But I haven't heard anything about that recently.

  6. People even kids NOT for thiis or any casting poisening human body…illegal acting agains áll human rights! This ,,liquds" poisen..ask Dr. prof. Reiner Füllmich, Römer chery ín Pfizer!!

  7. Hi braitain all different comments for you on different videos
    code dajal and joj mujo is hubal morti is in australia support with canda japan lead to elphant company hond kong papers in tomy bush office

  8. It costs more for the government to test the lolly pop way, but they are willing to pay the price to make it's children test more comfortably. Leadership!

  9. Those childrens' drawings look so nice and realistic. It really portrays how sad and lonely that they are being locked up at home not going to school and meeting their friends.

  10. And yet no children in the class wear mask…people are going in and out the shop without mask pretending they have health issue!! No wonder the case is raising again! Is utterly wrong some people think just bcoz they took the jab then they are no longer wearing mask! Complete stupidity!!! This jab is not the only way out

  11. The lollipop test… and yet it is a segregationist test… in the school… in front of their classmates… just think outside the box. Do parents know? Did they give authorization? So imagine the psychological damage on this class of kids who might be “ infected “!!! All the years afterwards, they will be the infected ones… all for the “ best interest of the non infected ones”… reminds me of other historical events. Germany, get a clue and think! This is unacceptable especially in Germany!!!

  12. That's so sad watching kids sucking on cotton swabs while listening to a lollypop song!
    All round sad actually! I live in Sydney Australia, when we did a 2 week mask mandate a couple of months back, 100% of adults wore them, 0% of kids did. Teens was a mix. Basically pre-teen, it was expected they would be kept out of it & allowed to live their normal life & feel safe, teens could make their own choices on if they were going to wear masks & socially distance or not, no judgement made by anyone around them on whichever choice they made, adults were expected to wear them, but discourage kids from wearing them or feeling like covid impacted them in any way, so as to ensure their emotional welfare was maintained.

    So in shopping centres were fully masked & socially distanced adults, while teens were out in groups of 5-10, all close to each other & acting as if covid didn't even exist, laughing & just enjoying life. After 2 weeks we ended the mask mandate & all went back to doing that, cause covid was gone – without us needing to drag the kids & teens into it!

    Really sad to see kids dragged into it, just cause a small percentage of adults are too childish to be responsible & stop the spread! Kids are our future, we need to look after them!

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