Is a Biya political dynasty taking shape in Cameroon? | DW News

Is a Biya political dynasty taking shape in Cameroon? | DW News

Paul Biya has ruled Cameroon for almost 40 years. When his term ends in 2025 he will be in his 90s. And increasingly attention is turning to his successor, with his son Franck Biya considered one of the contenders to fill his father’s shoes. A number of political campaign groups have been stoking the fires of succession on his behalf. And raising the possibility of yet another political dynasty taking shape.
There’s nothing official, but that hasn’t stopped newspapers from speculating about a possible political family hand-over. The word is that Franck Biya could replace his father as Cameroon’s president.
IT specialist Gabrielle Aristide is struggling to convince everyone here that Franck Biya should become head of state. He is one of the thousands of Cameroonians who have expressed support for him. And he insists it has nothing to do with succession.
Paul Biya has ruled Cameroon for almost 40 years. He has a firm grip on the army, legislation and judiciary. Analysts believe this could help him prepare his son to take over from him. Professor Ako John Ako says this is all too common in Africa.
Most of Cameroon’s 25 million people are under 35 years old and have only known one president. There’s a desire for change, but many do not want another Biya to lead the country. Lena Fabrice is an opposition party member who has been organizing small anti-Biya protests. He is strongly opposed to having Frank Biya as the next president.
By law, the president cannot hand over power. But even if Franck Biya becomes president by winning the election in 2025, many here will still see him as his father’s son.
DW’s Blaise Eyong reports from Douala.


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  1. Well if he was functional as Paul Kagame no one would care.
    Sadly despite all the progress in East Africa, the French colonies are alive and well. France must beam with pride. They wont even speak an African language. Cameroon and the two Congos stop speaking French and speak an indigenous language. Swahili would be nice but the french speakers of West Africa look at their own heritage with disdain. Cultural genocide.

  2. While it true that Canada's current prime minister Justin Trudeau is the son of a former prime minister, he did not immediately pass the role to his son. In fact Justin Trudeau wouldn't become prime minister until 15 after his father's death after making a huge comeback for the Liberal Party of Canada.

  3. I wonder how this got in my recommended? The algorithm should know I don’t pay attention to the politics of countries where becoming president is akin to standing on top of a landfill and proclaiming yourself emperor.

  4. Same thing is happening here in the philippines. The current president's daughter is gunning for the presidency next election cycle and the dutertes are soaked in blood of their people due to their massive failure war on drugs. Terrible times ahead.

  5. All these useless African leaders are supported and propped by western interests. Thank God, there are some African countries who don't subscribe to such nonsense!

  6. God bless Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who cured me from herpes with his effective herbal products. I will forever be grateful sir. You all can also contact him for help on any kind of disease on his YouTube channel

  7. DW you should be pointing finger at France. The Biya's are French puppet. France installed him as president. France love dictators in Africa so far as they benefit. France against dictators they don't benefit from. Example Gaddafi

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