Belarus: How safe are critical journalists currently? | DW News

Belarus: How safe are critical journalists currently? | DW News

Jailed Belarusian journalist Raman Pratasevich has addressed a news conference in Minsk – in what the opposition says is another statement made under duress. Mr Pratasevich said he was in good health and that he has not been beaten. He was arrested last month after his flight to Lithuania was forced to land in Minsk. This is the third time he’s appeared in front of the press. Previously, he admitted to plotting to overthrow President Alexander Lukashenko.


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  1. It is obvious that Mr. Pratasevich was not subjected to significant physical influence in Belarusian prison. It is also obvious that Mr. Pratasevich cooperates with the Belarusian investigative body mainly voluntarily, and gives his interviews not under duress.

  2. Pratasevich didn't change his minds quickly – he's said today that he still don't support Lukashenka, and will never support him. Also, Pratasevich left Nehta channel long before he was detained in Minsk, and he criticized his telegram partner Mr.Putsila long before the detaining.

  3. There is no evidence that the plane was forced to land in Minsk. But there is a lot of evidence that the pilots of the plane themselves made the decision to land the plane in Minsk on the basis of information reported them by the dispatchers of the Minsk airport.

  4. Who are the Belarusian government trying to convince parading the journalist they kidnapped and Obviously giving a statement under Durness ,, let him out of the country so he can speak freely and then see what he says. We believe that then.

  5. This interviewer always throws me off with his cadence and strange questioning. It's almost that he's acting ignorant in his questioning, but it comes across as shallow questions. And please give more time to your interviews 4 minutes not enough for something like this

  6. Critical journalists in Belarus are safe, unless they engage in criminal activities. In the west, however, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Alain Soral, and many others are imprisoned for being critical. Guantanamo is another example.

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  8. why is there no full video or at least longer video of this press conference? Let people judge by themselves whether it's under duress. Could anyone kindly share a link if there's a longer video?

  9. Yes. Do not accept anarchy’s lies. Why would they resort to kidnapping and risking other’s lives if they were doing a just arrest? We may not know what they are using to force this young man to make false statements, but are we inside -with him, in his cell? Find out! Don’t just ‘believe’ words.

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