Gravitas: G7 nations join forces to counter China's BRI

Gravitas: G7 nations join forces to counter China's BRI

G7 nations have joined forces to counter China’s Belt & Road initiative. They’ve launched B3W ‘Build Back Better World’ initiative led by the US govt. What does it offer & who will foot the bill? Palki Sharma explains.

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  1. The fact is G7 is Gang of Seven. Look at their History. They all looted the world, now that they are not able to kill and take the resources. USA has no intelligent people left any more. The population is aging. Look who is running largest corps in USA – Indians. India should took its glory back. Jai Hindh

  2. India was colonized by those from the G7 group and yet India shamelessly and foolishly still look up to these white supremacist countries as their master and saviour…UK stole 45 trillions dollars
    and priceless treasures from India and left India bankrupt and the Indian sub continent was split into three- parts by the so called G7 gang…India look so stupid and waiting at the side line waiting for its master instructions ….its presence was being made to make up the numbers and the dignity of the Indian's is being compromised
    and the whole world is laughing at India..remember no matter what India try to change its color it is still black / brown and can never be white…a good neighbour is better than distant relatives…

  3. The Biden narrative of US is back or
    B3W is another empty vessel makes most noise…the debt trap analogy
    has been debunked and the West and US realised that the BRI is a success and have to be stopped.
    It is already too little too late..

  4. The irony of it is China welcomed the Western Build Back Better World initiative. BBBW actually compliment BRI because it's also about connectivity. Chinese products will be transported more quickly and efficiently. It is no wonder at all that China refused to condemn the initiative.

  5. Good question. Who is going to pay the bill? In any case BRI Vs B3W is better best bright war (B3W) for the world. Thanks to Joe who accepted the Xi's challenge and came up with $40Trillion B3W plan but who is going to pay the bill? The answer is blowin' n the wind…

  6. People here in comment like 7 nations again 1 nation bla bla. Dear people Diplomacy of world doesn't work like the way you think. What you want to see one on one war? Lol. It's all a game of friends, foes and interests.

  7. "Love, what do you think of that French guy from America? I saw you took a good glance at him! What's his name? Dutreau? Tudeau? Dutrou?Isn't he handsome Love? " asked Borish "Oh stop it Borish, I love your drunk cocainoided face more than anything in the world" said Mrs. Borish, sobbing uncontrollably…" He was so beautiful to me…sobbing… I mean you Boris…If only I didn't marry for money and fame…anything French will do, even Macron is alright…I mean Macron is alright as our friend isn't he, Borish? And his mother too, right?" said Mrs. Borish "Yes Love" answered Borish. "They are lovely! Yes, we had a very successful meeting with our friends. Even Merkel was lovely and oh we got to meet his friend…how lovely!" "Borish! How dare you!" scolded Mrs. Borish "I get it Love. I am sorry" said Borish apologetically the way only a drunk psychopath English gentleman knows how to apologize. "Love, what about our sleepy leader Joe and his wife Doctor Jill?" asked Borish. "Beautiful demented couple aren't they? I miss Beau their son…we used to do…I mean we used to party a lot together in Ukraine!…great son…great country! Damn Putin! Great sleepy leader demented yes but still remembers China somehow!" "And that EU girl and her father! Exquisite" exclaimed Borish…"But the Italian guy, I am not so sure about him. He's too quiet!" said Mrs. Borish. "Yes, I found him very suspiciously quiet too" said Borish "Must be something to do with his La Casa Nautica". "Now Love, where is the Curry guy? I love his exotic smell! Isn't he coming?" asks Mrs. Borish. "He was here for a few minutes, answers Borish, but he has some needs to take care off…hmmm looking for a WC or a toilet as our dear friend the Dump would say. He's been holding for awhile" " But Borish, I wanted to ask you, what was that Yellow man doing at our meeting? I though no China man is allowed in our Gonorrhea7 Club?" asked Mrs. Borish. "He is not a China Man Love. He is Yellow but he is on our side. He is there to tame the "savagerie" of the China man" said Borish as his face brighten up at the though of the China man being tamed and caged. "Interesting! I hope we deal with the China man once and for all, oh Borish! I'm so scare of him! I have nightmare that he will come and rape me and kill our children that we don't have yet and might never have because your engine is rusted and eat them!" "Love I promise you that the China Man will not come close to an inch of you! We have the best military in the world, the Gonorea 7, is that how you say it? Gonanera?" said Borish in a soft but assuring voice to calm down Mrs. Borish's nerves. "Love, where did you put all the OPIUM? You know, the OPIUM that we would dump on China as we agreed with our friends at the meeting!" said Borish "I used half of it Borish, and Snow White took the other half, I'm so sorry, I should have told her to spare you some of that awesome Opium, Love! I am sure the China Man will like it very much like I do!" Answered Mrs. Borish in an unreasonably sad voice only the people who lost their dogs know…

  8. Yapan and Cranada and Nazimany will have to pay for the "BBB"…Macron and Borish are bankrupt…same with Sleepy Joe and that Italian guy…no one knows his name anyway…

  9. Don't fall for this project. At the end of it you'll be just as broke and hungry as when you started. Instead demand part of the manufacturing pie. This will feed you and your children for generations.

  10. Very nice ideas and plans of G7. To grant intrastructure program to the third world countries to compete the China. Hoping that NATO should follow the said ideas and plan of G7 to rebuild the world.

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