The Biden-Putin Summit | Joe Biden's post-summit press conference | Geneva | US Russia | WION Live

The Biden-Putin Summit | Joe Biden's post-summit press conference | Geneva | US Russia | WION Live

US President Joe Biden holds a press conference after his face-to-face meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Geneva.

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  1. Yeah Joee how CAN you be oresident and not speak out about involuntary organ harvesting for fun and profit by the CCP OT THE UIGHAR GENOCIDE and slave labor .
    Tell me Joe how can you be president and not speak out against these enormity
    Was a billion and a half loan from a CCP BANK SUFFICIENT TOBUY YOUR SILENCE?

  2. biden talking about human rights its like darkness beneath light . Please just study a graph publish by and independent source on human right violation in USA and USA forces on foreign soil . he should not speak about Human rights 0'26"

  3. Sheer number of Russian bots here is a direct evidence that Biden got NOTHING from this meeting. He just legitimized brutal Russian dictator and killer. Optics of this meeting are just a notch better than Trump's disgraceful performance in Helsinki when he sided with KGB Putin against his own US intelligence services. This meeting is THE lowest point of Biden's presidency so far. That is even more sad given Biden's successful trip to Europe overall.

  4. I can see it all ready putin will demand a reduction in military strength and dissarming and dismantle of nuclear weapons biden will say ok u to putin will reply instantly we all ready have two months later russian soldiers will be in the white house whatch this

  5. The Yanks respect human rights so much that they killed 1 million Iraqis, 300 thousand Syrians, 100 thousand Yemenis and brought back Libya to Slavery !!! Be careful of Americans when they talk about freedom and democracy !!!

  6. Aleeeeeee….questo come si chiama? ..caxxo nn mi ricordo piu tutti sti presedenti americani!Russia presenta sempre lostesso da una vita.sti americani mi mettono in confusione.

  7. Biden you can talk like that to China the ccp, you don't have balls to say it to them they are the most dangerous ccp in the world look at the virus and Iran.

  8. Yes, it’s complicated to Biden to deal with China as he received plenty of bribery from CCP. But I’m glad that he spoke like a somewhat decent politician, like he just woke up.

  9. This Iraq war supporter Biden who refuses to support marijuana legalization, M4A, UBI, a $15 minimum wage, and illegally sanctions Iran, Syria, Cuba, and Venezuela, and imprisons Julian Assange unjustly, lectures Putin about human rights.

  10. Quid Pro Quo Joe aka Morton Meak looks weak and senile! Not a very good look to project to our adversares; Russia, China, North Korean and the Iranian's who are ready to eat our lunch . . .

  11. Our politicians are shameless hypocrites! Really Biden, what about Edward Snowden and Julian Assange? What about the Americans that stormed The US Capitol and committed a minor crime of trespassing and who are now in solitary confinement without Bail? The United States government violates Americans civil liberties however and whenever it’s convenient. You really think Putin is taking the US seriously! Americans and other citizens of the world, the wool is being pulled over your eyes and you don’t even know it. The elite around the world are at war with the common man and women and unfortunately, too many of our brothers and sisters are asleep.

  12. Are you kidding me! The United States interferes with the elections all over the world. Just look out south America during the 60s and the 1970s. The United States overthrew a democratically elected president and inserted Pinochet in Chile and destroyed the democratic process. So much BS and no one says a thing. Do you really think the media has your best intentions in mind… They have a list of people there calling on for questions. Wake up people and take back your power!

  13. The United States is doing to Russia what it did to the American Indians. In 1990, do United States promised Russia at the time the Soviet union that we/NATO would maintain our existing boundaries. Just like the American Indians, the United States has betrayed its agreements and has encircled Russia and we wonder why he might be upset. The United States is just like the Roman empire, we have military bases in every country of the world except for a handful and we use those bases to threaten countries like Iran and North Korea and Russia. Will someone please call out this old fool for the rhetoric he’s throwing up onto the World?

  14. He talks the talks about everything he is such a spineless president
    why didn't we have the debate in front of the press
    he's such a big man but he wouldn't do it every other president didn't hide

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