How China is tightening control of its tech companies | Business Beyond

How China is tightening control of its tech companies | Business Beyond

The Chinese government is tightening its regulatory grip around its tech titans – most famously, for Alibaba and its charismatic founder Jack Ma. That’s after more than twenty years of transforming the country’s digital economy. After years of little scrutiny – why is Beijing looking so closely now? And why should the rest of the world care?


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  1. Because the Chinese government does not allow technology companies to enter the financial sector, just as the US government does not allow Zuckerberg to engage in virtual currency to subvert traditional currencies, technology companies should pay more attention to research and development technology.

  2. What the CCP is doing is not regulation and controlling "big tech", Jack got to successful and started criticizing the CCP and the penalty was him being jailed, they robbed him of money and shares to be handed to CCP's family members and he will probably never speak publicly again.

  3. Growing space between poor and rich peoples destroying the world ,take a look at India business giant mukesh ambani his net worth increased by 20 % during pademic while indian economy and his people suffering

  4. The Federal Reserve is an institution formed by private banks. Hence, by having the printing power of the dollar it is the Fed that dictates the US government policies rather than the other way around. As such, the elections in the US can't change the US policies.

    In China, that's precisely the opposite! The state protects and serves the citizens by allowing for top-notch services while under firm state regulatory control. Case in point, the speech of that Ali Baba guy. What he said was in direct opposition to what Xi Jinping of CPC said about de-risking and trying to avoid systemic financial risks. The biggest problem with the Ant group is its drive to get young Chinese into debt, introducing systemic financial risks into the Chinese society.

    Well, we all know what happened to the Ali Baba guy and the Ant group IPO…….

  5. FED is a private bank owned by Rothschild's family but the US government has to call it daddy to get dollars printed. This shows how a country is being owned by a family company, which cannot and never intend to serve the people well, but their own profit and interest.

  6. What has Jack Ma contributed, really, despite his own wealth has reached to the Mars. Jeff Bezos is lucky, he pays zero tax and he is still a hero in US. What a joke.

  7. it's a system of goverment controlled coorporations which is good for people's security and privacy , but western world gets jealous of everthing chins does ,(as america can't do ntg about facebook , even many millions people data are being sold and breached )

  8. The only way China is going to become an innovative country without having to steal the ideas of other countries is if they get rid of their Chinese Communist party. There is no way innovation can flourish in a country ran by a communist government that's too worried about maintaining its control over the people rather than giving their people an opportunity to grow because then if they're people grow, become innovative, etc than they become a threat to the Communist party.

  9. What China is doing to manage billionaires and capital is the best thing. If America is dwindling today is due to it failure to manage billionaires and capital, allowing them to influence government decision and consumer behavior for their profit making which is most times damaging to the society. Don't misunderstand my comment…..

  10. I love the tension betweem how the West sees power (as something that needs to be controlled) oposed to China (which sees it as something that should be unchallenged).

    Beautiful debate!

  11. The more government interferes, the more suppressed the economy. That is not to say it is good or bad, but if the CCP is looking to control the companies, or even the individuals like Jack Ma, who only expreseed an opinion to lose favour, they will have a hard time finding innovators like him. Innovation is driven by shaking the boat.

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