Germany marks 80 years since Nazis invaded the Soviet Union | DW News

Germany marks 80 years since Nazis invaded the Soviet Union | DW News

Germany is marking 80 years since the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union. The surprise attack on June 22, 1941, would become the biggest and bloodiest front in World War Two, and end in Nazi Germany’s complete destruction. By the end of the war, an estimated 27 million Soviet citizens had died, including fourteen million civilians. From the beginning, “Operation Barbarossa,” as the invasion was called, was conducted as a war of annihilation. The Germans also treated Soviet prisoners of war brutally. The Nazis took some 5,7 million Soviet prisoners of war over the course of four years. They were executed, starved, or died on forced marches from the frontlines. It’s estimated that more than three million Soviet POWs died, making them one of the largest groups of Nazi victims.
And Germany’s president has been marking that somber anniversary in Berlin. Frank-Walter Steinmeier attended a ceremony at the German-Russian museum in the capital. In his speech, Steinmeier addressed criticism from former Soviet Republics, like Ukraine and Belarus, that their millions of victims in World War II were neglected by Germany in the commemoration activities.
President Steinmeier warned that acts of remembrance, if not carried out carefully, could themselves lead to new divisions.


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  1. WeaponIsing history is the way of life of hindus in India. The Hindu state facilitated demolition of the babri mosque to build a ram temple in its place. Why can't Germany be proud of its past glory?

  2. Aber nix wird gesagt von den vielen zivilisten die hier von russen getötet beplűndert und vergewaltigt wurden wärendem wir gleichzeitig obdach deutscher vertriebene aus west polen und königsberg asyl gaben.

  3. While Germany should not promote amnesia just yet. Germany has been too weak for too long. It is time for Germans to stand tall and proud.

  4. The Allied Force brutally occupied Germany, denied the sovereignty of Germany, then divided it into two parts, humiliated for decades only for their circumstances and benefits. And even after 80 years, you are still apologizing, how sadistic and insistent humiliation it is.

  5. We regret we couldn't open war against the Soviets at the same time since Japan was not powerful, the ally of the Soviets, Comintern FDR's USA was persistently attacking Japan thus there was no chance we could open war against both sides. If we could we could have defeated the Soviets.

  6. No Germany! No! You did wrong and for that reason don't have a say anymore, I am sorry.

    From now on you sit and be quiet and will forever remain a puppet of the United States, thank you.

    Also that "history should not be weaponised" ship has sailed long ago . . on it's way to Africa.

    No, in the modern world we don't fight on bases of strength anymore, but guilt. "I remember when you did this and therefore you must now surrender to me"

  7. Many Eastern countries are using history, for political ends, either against Germany or against the Russian Federation, even Greece does.
    This is simply wrong.

  8. How sadistic torture and humiliation upon Germans, the Allied Force was not only torturing, l¥nching German POWs in -40 C forced labor camps in Siberia with only a cup of salt soup a day, they indiscriminately bombed non-combatant civilians, killed millions of them, raped, lynched after the surrender, moreover they confiscate the sovereignty, they occupied, divided Germany into two parts with concrete walls and barbed wires just for the convenience of the Allied Force until 1989, and you sadistic pricks are still requiring Germany to apologize. Congratulations, you are indeed the most hentai humanity ever emerged on this planet. I would give you a gold medal for that.

  9. wehrmacht was not a problem but SS was!
    Germans lost(killed) the desert lion because he didn't supported the nozis.
    Do you remember how many Germans returned after being taken in from Stalingrad?

  10. It was Germans that invaded the Soviet Union. Did the allies bomb notsee cities? Those were notsee soldiers mot German soldiers? Notsee tanks and airplanes? Standards for journalism in Germany seems to be quite low.

  11. "Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.”

    (1 Samuel 15:3)

  12. Not a word about Stalins plan to invade Germany (and all Western Europa). Contemporary honest Russian historians (Solonin, Meltyuhhov, Nevezhin, Danilov etc) are agreeing that Stalin hoped by attacking the Germany first from behind to get the prize as the "liberator of the Europa" and make communist "revolution" in all Europa, of course by help of his tank armadas and NKVD. Strange that Western mass-media is sharing official Putins-Kremlins view that soviets were pure-white peace-loving people who never thought about world-wide "communist revolution".

  13. And once again English speaking media has edited of the most relevant parts of the speech.
    Just listen to the full speech of German President, not the re-tale version of it.

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