How will COVID-19 shape our economic future? | COVID-19 Special

How will COVID-19 shape our economic future? | COVID-19 Special

There’s so much that we needed to learn about the coronavirus, that we needed to adapt to during the pandemic – and still, the cost of it has been overwhelming.
The IMF estimates the global cost of the virus at 28 trillion US dollars in lost output between 2020 and 2025.

Still, there may be some things that changed for the better. Economists hope the environment, local industry and even our social lives could eventually benefit from the experience.
In the beginning of it all, DW’s Ben Fajzullin talked to five top economists about their predictions for the business world and our working lives. A year on, he spoke to them again in the hopes of garnering a little more perspective.


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  1. The death rate has dropped in India! Down from a high point on May 19 of 4,529. Today the daily death toll is 1,587. The Delta VOC b.1.617-2 has taken over as the leading csuse replacing the UK Kent Alpha b.1.1.7 strain. Effectively twice the strength of last year D614G strain and spreads 1 person to over 5. The Delta R naught is 5.5. The Alpha was about 2.6. So you get sick and infect 6 orhers…

  2. With the scarcity of any vaccine worldwide the best course is use up any vaccinations from any source and approved by the WHO. The spread is the real problem. This disease is endemic meaning a part of us for years to come. Vaccines in the majority of people in a town or local group lowers community spread. Opening businesses again. Some people who cannot get a vaccine rely on our good will to keep them safe. A child in chemo? An elderly person in a nursing home? I don't want that soul debt. Pass. I got my shots. Nothing serious. Flu shot was actually more reactive in my experience. Blood type A cares worst. Type O- does best having few antigens.

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  4. Dear Germany, please vote for the AfD, to save Germany, fight for your homeland, time is running out. Please Germany. Tell everyone you know to vote for the AfD. Thank you and God bless you all and God bless your families

  5. Trillions of dollars? It's a big amount, however you never have hesitation to declare it. you want to hide the rate of deaths but never hide economic costs of pandemic, you dont want to, because of the care of money, not human beings.

  6. 12, 2019, CCP CHINA DENIED WUHAN VIRUSES OCCURRED. 2, 2020. CCP CHINA already tried to get international approval of CCP vaccines. Did CCP CHINA made VIRUSES and tested vaccines before December, 2019??

  7. CCP China started World War 3 by spreading Wuhan Viruses to kill human life and your country economy. CCP China profit from PPE and masks, and dominates export markets . United Together Against CCP China infiltrating your country and buying your local companies. STOP made in CCP China products . Don't allow your politicians brainwashed you that your country economy has to rely on pathological liar CCP China.

  8. 28 trillion dollars in lost output? No. Saved output. It took a mild pandemic to realize the obvious. We have to suppress any unnecessary carbon emission activities other than basic common infra-structure to have a slight chance to reverse global warming. Not my words but Carl Sagan's. But then again virtually no one will engage in that. Why should I be deprived of priceless experiences like cruise ships? I'm gonna be dead anyway in the long term so apres moi whatever comes.

  9. The whole vaccine programme is a mess. Hastily brought forward. Different vaccines with different levels of efficacy. Some higher, some lower. Utter lack of global coordination on its distribution, and also not enough data on whether it is effective against mutant variants.
    What happens if the world gets infected again by another mutant variant despite already being fully vaccinated?!
    Who will answer that question?!

  10. The situation for the uneducated working class would never have been this bad if they wouldn't vote for the right-wing politicians that drive income and wealth inequality. The left-wing used to gain support from the working class, now they vote far-right.
    They are digging their own grave.

  11. Don't tell me that most developed countries can't have a 1 month lockdown like China by taking care of their people and provide food for that period.

  12. There is another "crisis" looming that will make COVID look like a walk in the park.

    (Matthew 24:21) "then there will be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world's beginning until now, no, nor will occur again."

    This one will lead to the permanent collapse of your entire system of things. There will be no returning to your way of life when and after it happens, and it is fast approaching.

    (2 Peter 3:10) "Jehovah's day will come like a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar, but the elements being intensely hot will be dissolved, and earth and the works in it will be exposed." In God's Word, heavens are typically associated with human governments.

    So ask yourself:

    (2 Peter 3:11) "Since all these things are to be dissolved in this way, consider what sort of people you ought to be in holy acts of conduct and deeds of godly devotion."

    Because at the end of the day, "This means everlasting life, their coming to know you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ." (John 17:3)

  13. yes year ago instead of world united effort to resolve the pandemic, xenophobia was on turbo mode to shame other regions.

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