Dr zakir naik debate | Reply to Alia khan statement about fatwa & Islam @Deen Speeches

Dr zakir naik debate | Reply to Alia khan statement about fatwa & Islam @Deen Speeches

Dr zakir naik debate | Reply to Alia khan statement about fatwa & Islam

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About Dr zakir naik:
Zakir Abdul Karim Naik is an Indian Islamic televangelist and preacher. Naik is renowned as a non-Arabic scholar, public orator, and an authority on comparative religion.

A medical doctor by professional training, Dr Zakir Naik is renowned as a dynamic international orator on Islaam and Comparative Religion. He is the President of Islaamic Research Foundation International. He is 54 years old. Dr Zakir clarifies Islaamic viewpoints and clears misconceptions about Islaam, using the Qur’aan, authentic Hadith and other religious Scriptures as a basis, in conjunction with reason, logic and scientific facts. He is popular for his critical analysis and convincing answers to challenging questions posed by audiences after his public talks.

In the last 24 years Dr Zakir Naik has delivered over 2,000 public talks in the USA, Canada, UK, Italy, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Yemen, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Botswana, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Algeria, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Guyana (South America), Trinidad, Mauritius, Maldives and many other countries, in addition to numerous public talks in India. In April 2012, his public talk in Kishanganj, Bihar, in India was Alhamdulillah attended by over one million people being one of the largest gathering in the world for any religious lecture by a single orator.

In this video alia khan talked about the fatwa made on her by islamic scholars. Dr zakir naik also talked on the same topic, watch the video till end.

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  1. Zakir bhai Masha Allah ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Allah aap ko hifazat rakke. Kyuki jo naam me Muslim hai wo kabhi aap ke baat kabhi nahi samajh payenge. Aap Alime Deen hai . Aap jaise Islam me Imam Abu Hanifa theh. Jo bhi ek Alime Deen theh unke time ke