Ethiopia votes in elections delayed by COVID-19, overshadowed by Tigray war | DW News

Ethiopia votes in elections delayed by COVID-19, overshadowed by Tigray war | DW News

Ethiopians have begun voting in general elections that are seen as the first major test of prime minister Abiy Ahmed and his ruling coalition.
The elections were scheduled to take place last year and were delayed by the pandemic, but the coronavirus isn’t the only challenge Abiy Ahmed is facing. The vote comes as war rages in the northern Tigray region, in turn triggering a famine that threatens hundreds of thousands of people.
Opposition groups accused Ethiopia’s ruling party of harassment — but the prime minister promised that the election will be peaceful.


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  1. The western media is working so hard to discredit Doctor Abiy and his government, before you keep saying Tigray, you should do a Documentary about who is responsible for the mess in the Tigray region.

  2. DW day and night wishing war war what do you get out of it abey Ahmed never had in or abroad DW is dying for misinformation Ethiopia is electing her leader no body both can do about it one love one Ethiopia

  3. Abiy is reforming the country, and the TPLF was the brutal dictatorial government for the last 27Years, the same people are reason for the war in Tigray. also note that the democratic process will take time. the international media did not report the election 6 years ago, which the TPLF has wan 100%. Now that was a joke. Thank you Dr. Adam for such truthful feedback.

  4. The election was peaceful and showed many people commitment regardless of the strong sun and rain as well as the long and boring lines. The people patiently waited to elect up to 12:00 pm. This is a new chapter in the history of Ethiopia. Now Ethiopia has elected! Praise God!

  5. Leave Abiy and Etgiopia alone. God man it's crazy how western media is attacking him. The guy is pretty much trying to get rid of the world's worst dictatorship TPLF. I've never seen the west support a communist regime like this. It's sad we don't stand for what's right anymore and everything's about money. Probably why China will pass us because they didn't sell out their people

  6. Ethiopia doesn't need a supervision from usa or European union ,what really matters is the people of Ethiopia who are voteing for their leaders .you keep talking about tigray the tigray conflic is started by TPLF not by the Ethiopian government .why didn't you report who started it why the started it.the brutal war is the result of a 28 years of oppression by The TPLF .you didn't say a word then.but we Ethiopians are done with you're crocodile tears. We are done with dictatorship .and TPLF is one of them.

  7. So we going to kill so many little kids and elders just so you can say I love abiy he is embarrassing you guys …people are asking who is in charge Ethiopia or Eritrea wow that’s shame we are Ethiopian we have strong DNA we did not need all this help just to kill people god see everything tho

  8. What is he talking about. It is only 2 opposition partis those couldn't participet. Olf by his on internal problem and OFCO meraras parti bcs they knows that thay can,'t win. Over 47 partis and endividuels are participeted.

  9. Election is not related with Tigray inforcing low of rule. No country perform like Ethiopia with constraints. Tigray also more than 97% started peace life. Now, a problem is found on Intl media not in Tigray or other part of Ethiopia. Ethiopia won the WORLD.

  10. You keep saying Tigray over and over again because you’re upset he didn’t let you in to arm the TPLF. You never cared if the people are hungry or not. You are just worried if Ethiopia really prospers, then there will be a domino effect in Africa in which all the countries also develop which is bad news for the west. We will not be poor forever to keep you happy.

  11. No election in Ethiopian had participated these much number of population! we made free and fair election by far better than the TPLF Terrorist regime of the past 30 years !

  12. Americans and European Union, “ If we are not giving our blessing and not choice our favorite candidates for any country, any election not legitimate!”. Ethiopia said “welcome to observe the election but you will never elected your favorite puppet government in Ethiopia neither your blessing necessary being considered like as God blessing !” After all, you approved previously faked Ethiopian election as a legitimate , because you want to keep your favorite and criminal TPLF government in power!

  13. All that allegation you are talking against Abiy Ahmed is corrupted and infiltrated by TPLF weyane members abroad western media but the truth on the ground is different. What about American election? Even Britain? Just live it the matters to Ethiopians.!

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