Gravitas: China to lift all birth restrictions?

Gravitas: China to lift all birth restrictions?

Reports say China will lift all childbirth restrictions in the upcoming five-year plan from 2025. Beijing will also regulate private tuitions to reduce the financial burden on parents. But is there more to the crackdown on tutors than meets the eye? Palki Sharma tells you.

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  1. Chinese CCP will also soon want to plant a chip in their citizens and make them cyborgs.
    They will work them 20 hours a day, and then turn them into lab rats.
    That is CCP oppression, not even CCP members are safe, let alone normal citizens.

  2. You know in the beginning your program was so fun. But the more I listen to you it just sounds like you're bringing me down. The constant negativity you air on your channel about China and the sound of your voice is just bringing all of us down. Jesus Christ.

  3. It is so frickin hard to understand this teleprompter reader's pronunciations and grammar. Come on, what the heck is a 'tduution, edication, and 1-2-8 billion??? On another note, at least China is not mass-producing slums.

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  5. That why China can get things done effectively and not exploit by tutors.. kudos China , twist the news however you want … on the contrary India just a political barking , self gratification and overgrown beard leader can do nothing..agreed Palki?

  6. The Xi Jinping Govt. has taken an effective steps against tuitions because Indian Parents are also struggling to get these that's why Palki Sharma must remember will your government be able to take such steps. Salute Comrade Xi Jinping.

  7. Sterilizing Men from Xinjiang and state sponsered raping/impregnating women from Xinjiang with genetically modified embryos and later induction of those children in PLA is the reality of CCP

  8. china might also be looking at shifting its population to other countries…, may be creating mini china towns in every country. .lets be careful with this country.

  9. Like Olympic Medals are taken away after athelete test positive for banned substances, can Nobel peace prizes be taken back after they actually wage war?? I know there was demand for Aung San's peace prize to be taken away for Rohingya crisis.. seems noble prizes are given premature as many like earlier president to this Ethiopian guy killed more people by drone attacks or wars after receiving noble peace prize!!

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