Kunal Kamra: Modi Caused a 'Covid Massacre' | NYT Opinion

Kunal Kamra: Modi Caused a 'Covid Massacre' | NYT Opinion

In the Opinion video above, Kunal Kamra, an enormously popular stand-up comedian in India, puts all jokes aside and takes a serious look at his government’s handling of the pandemic. His assessment is withering: He accuses the nation’s leadership, especially an overconfident Prime Minister Narendra Modi, of putting political vanity before common sense and opening the door to a devastating resurgence of coronavirus infections that have devastated the country.

India has been struggling for weeks amid this second wave, which has sickened millions, killed hundreds of thousands and overwhelmed the nation’s health care system. At the peak of the crisis, new infections numbered about 400,000 a day, a record-breaking pace.

Since then, the daily counts of infections and deaths have dropped. But Mr. Kamra says that had Mr. Modi and other political leaders responded more quickly and more effectively, a lot of lives and heartache would have been spared.

“My people are needlessly dying,” Mr. Kamra says. “Our government has blood on its hands.”

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  1. This has gotta be by far the most egregious preventable loss of life I've ever seen. Modi makes trump look like a certified master strategist with a PhD in Virology smfh

  2. Newyork times is leftist and Chinese funded news channel and modi government is right wing government. Without having resources and infrastructure like western countries, india control pandemic to spread in massive population.

  3. In 1911, NYT started Campaign against Swami vivekananda and Hindus, hinduism. Then NYT started Nazi propaganda news in Hitler times, then NYT started pro soviet and pro Stalin agenda, by not reporting 7000000 death in Ukraine famine, then NYT was against Trump, then Anti
    India, Anti hindu and Anti Modi fake propaganda. NYT had won most PULITZER prizes, interestingly Islamists reporter also won.

  4. Means test assures but Kamra as expert on epidemic and that to against current Govt is like
    Asking a KK fund doner to talk about Black History Month
    That person has personal hate for Modi you should called some one else

  5. Look at your own country, it is a devloped country it has lower population but still number od deaths is more.
    Your channel always try to attack Modi and India. Why so biased? Jealous? F*** O**

  6. Yes, you're one of the privileged one per cent all right. Your type wants India run from the offices of the Guardian or the New York Times. Why don't you take your half-baked Western liberalism and sod off to Primrose Hill or Greenwich Village where you belong.

  7. And by the way Modi will win in 2024 because the Indian electorate is able to perceive that every country has mishandled the pandemic including the rich Western ones whose backsides you are so anxious to kiss. Governments are not divine whatever little lefty comedians may think.

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