China-Nepal Rail Link may go through protected Himalayan park | Latest World English News |WION News

China-Nepal Rail Link may go through protected Himalayan park | Latest World English News |WION News

The China-Nepal Rail Link is expected to go through the protected areas of the Himalayan Park which means that construction of the tunnel might serve a major blow to the environment of the region.

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  2. going to build in a protection zone ….so keep your nose out of australian great barrier reef use….stick to the wuhan lies and coverup while you can …soon the world will hold your leadership and people to account for the crimes of the ccp and their vassals

  3. The entire project is stupid economically. The entire population of Tibet is a bit more than in Kathmandu. The Project should cost around 30-50 billion$ on the Chinese side and 3-5 billion $ on the Nepalese side.

  4. Wish the world just eats up human. As they no longer serve any purpose but greed. Where are they running and what are they doing no idea : need more and more faster and faster. Faster one goes to grave. They are not even letting the earth repair and just raping all resources as if there we have no obligation to our next generation

  5. great report. waste of money. goes show China don't care about the environment. just big never ending building in the middle of no where. I guess China's money waste. so they say.

  6. Wah band baja do nature ki himalayan world largest mountain and know for snow nd for many things aur kch chutiye insaan whaa rail bnnana chhate hai mar kyu nh jaate

  7. India will not build anything like it, there are no roads in border areas , and all the existing small roads are very narrow , without tarmac, and potholes

  8. CHINA TO BLAME, then, WEST BE HAPPY: ①If the West shits, it is because of China. ②If the West doesn't shit, it is because of China. ③If the West is silly, it is because of China. ④If the West is dumb, it is because of China. ⑤If you kill yourself, it is because of China. ⑥If you are killed by others, it is because of China. ⑦ The list continues almost forever until the end of West supremacy.

  9. ①HOPEFULLY, the world soberly remember and remind themselves of the repeated betrayals by USA, as USA says YES today but does NO tomorrow, says YES the day after tomorrow and does NO the 4th day countless times to credulous human beings regardless of friends or foes, acquaintances or strangers, allies or adversaries until the complete collapse of USA. ②USA regards itself the leader of the entire world in general and the west in particular. ③So, the smart westerners have to be carful not to blindly follow the blind and deaf USA.

  10. ①Unexceptionally, all the clumsy, lunatic, hegemonic empires on the planet earth have crumbled, decayed, collapsed and vanished due to its own arrogance, complacence, internal profligacy and discrepancy as well as its incompetent, inhuman, colonial, warmongering, devastating and democratic IMPERIAL OVERREACH. ②The US colossus is an excellent, live, fresh, vicious and brutal example implied from its status quo and its declining tendency intensified by the fierce bipartisan fight. ③Sane people follow the grand trend of the world, knowing who is falling or rising.

  11. Instead of crying over China Nepal relations, tell your government to work on connectivity rather than looking Nepal from security point of view….Nepal prefers to those who delivers rather to those who only wants to make false promises…


    WION is the official channel where you can find news and updates on anything that is perceived as wrong with CHYNA.
    PS: Viewers must realize that India is a 'Perfect Democratic Country' and is happy with its place as a 'Lackey' of America along with Australia.

  13. To china money is more important than enviroment. I mean they do consider shark fin soup to be a delicacy and are decimating an extremely important predator in the ocean marine life.

  14. Long love China Nepal friendship. India when u feel Nepal is poor and Nothing then why are u so much concerned about Nepal. Any thing Nepal does with China why u start crying like baby.

  15. Why don't indian ask to Rajiv Gandhi who created blockade for more than 1year.After that blockade only there was agreement between Nepal and China . Whether Ko Oli or any one will be PM it was already fixed project 30 years old.Nepali politician only request to bring project upto Lumbini after 2015 blockade.

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