Roger Federer First Round Press Conference | Wimbledon 2021

Roger Federer First Round Press Conference | Wimbledon 2021

After an eventful first round match that finished early, eight-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer faces the questions from the media on day two of The Championships 2022…

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  1. Perhaps the groundsman can drop some dry sawdust on the slippy patches. Difficult to do as the surface needs to stay even. I hope the players stay balanced and no more slips and injuries happen

  2. There is possibility that many players may win more grand slams, matches and can make other records but the grace, the elegance that he has and the aura he brought to the tennis world, nobody can match that.

  3. It's s happy day when Roger Federer advances to the next round! I think Mannarino was better, but, Roger would've won eventually. He had the momentum and that 4th set showed it.

  4. The sincere shock when hearing about Serena’s retirement, is exactly why I respect and admire Roger so much. Besides being the most intelligent, all round tennis player, with absolutely amazing skills, he is also just the friendliest and great person.

  5. Federer was really lucky to win this match. He clearly has the yips on his forehand. It's all over the place, and he has zero confidence in that shot. Mannarino was picking on it. Ever since he switched to his new larger racquet, his backhand is definitely better but his forehand has become a lot more erratic.

  6. Out of the 7 minutes of the English section, 2 minutes and 5 seconds were spent on an unrelated football question. Kudos to him for answering cuz he looked like his mind is on the match itself. Why are players forced to do this? Why are there no officials there to filter to the questions to something related to the match or the player? We need a Gregg Popovich in tennis….

  7. To maintain his sincerity and effort in answering questions in multiple languages over 20 mins is impressive. It must get tedious to do this and he was clearly happy to get away at the end. Okay, it's part of the job and he is so well paid. But nevertheless, he does it so well.

  8. ATP – Уимблдон, трава, 1/32:

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  9. Out of respect of himself he should retire ,his previous level is well gone ,if he continues he will be trashed from everyone and it s a shame to close like that his illustrious career.

  10. The journalists questions are so potato cake to have such a legend in front of them and not ask informative questions is a waste of everyone’s time