Why Atlanta Had The Best Pilot Of The Decade

Why Atlanta Had The Best Pilot Of The Decade

Donald Glover is known for many things. Acting, Stand Up, Writing, Show Running, Rapping, and much more. But through all that one of his crowning achievements is his FX Show Atlanta. Not only is Atlanta fresh, exciting, and unlike most shows on television. It has easily the best Pilot Episode of any TV Show in the last 10 years.

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Editor – Dave Sadvari
Writer – Dave Baker


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  1. Do you think Glover knows what has happened at college that got him kicked out and has an episode planned? Or maybe he hasn't thought of it yet and is still thinking and writing.

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  3. I know the show may not be for everyone, and I definitely don't hate the show. It's just weird that there seems to be a collage of content on the internet trying to convince me that Atlanta is an absolutely amazing show. I just feel like great movies/television shouldn't really need convincing that they're great.

  4. Im glad i didnt listen to one reviewer of Atlanta who portrayed as a study of race in america.
    That is the least of its appeal.
    Its more a study if friends, family, relationships, and culture.
    Race is very much secondary.
    Great, and funny show

  5. I once had a friend ask me to explain the show I was talking about Atlanta I tried to but it just fell short It’s so amazing in such a strange way but you break it down to perfection

  6. Has anyone else noticed that these kind of videos do NOT actually say anything! It's 8 minutes long but you can hardly write 5 bullet points from it !