Afghanistan Endgame: Taliban seize abandoned American army bases.

Afghanistan Endgame: Taliban seize abandoned American army bases.

As American troops withdraw from Afghanistan, the Taliban have quickly moved in to abandoned military bases and are collecting the treasure of goods left behind.

Sky’s Alex Crawford gets an exclusive look inside one of the seized military bases.

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  2. So basically America gifted armored vehicles , state of the art weapons , ammunition , mortars , and a military base to a bunch of terrorists.
    Way to go American………I can't even get angry . I am just contemplating my futile human existence on this planet.

  3. The Afghan people have been betrayed by the US and EU. Thousands of soldiers died for nothing. The Taliban are extremely cruel, ruthless and cannot be trusted. Afghanistan will become a hotbed of terrorist groups. From here again attacks will be planned in the US and EU.

  4. Glad to see U.S tax being used to its full potential. What a joke this has become. So we went to war to fight an oppressive regime only to find out 20 years later the people like being oppressed. Just another Vietnam all over again. What a waste.